Genesis G90 is a revelation

Genesis G80 sedan. (Photo y Jim Mahoney)

Luxury coupe is a commuter’s delight


Even before the Genesis nameplate was spun off by Hyundai as a premium brand the model turned my head. I remember seeing what I thought was a Mercedes-Benz 3 series in the rear view and was stunned when the Hyundai logo passed by me.

But this G90 3.3 T Premium AWD is not just a lower priced alternative to one the Europeans, standing firmly on its own. This refreshed 2020 G90 will stop you cold if you’re shopping the full-sized luxury field.

Most of the nose of the car has been redesigned with a cross-hatched, pentagonal grille framed by wrap around LED headlamps that include an art deco like light bar through them. This leads your eye to the fender louvers that align along the waist
of the car. It allows the sedan a nice curb appeal without being brash. The body of the car is simple but refined with wrap around tail lamps bolstering the trunk lid. Adding a touch of élan are the intricately machined 19-inch wheels.

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No ordinary dune buggy

Top of the line 2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave built for speed in the sand

2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave on June 21, 2020 in Everett. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)


Heading to your favorite off-roading paradise in a base-model Jeep is pretty great. But how about tackling those same mounts, crevices, dunes, and streams with this ultimate Gladiator? As an editor friend of mine once said of this pickup, and quoting the movie by the same name, “Are you not entertained?”

Meet the Mojave edition. Our heavily optioned and armored top-of-the-line Jeep Gladiator chewed up the road on 33-inch tires that feature as aggressive a tread pattern as I’ve seen in a while. These massive all-terrain knobbies, mounted on 17-inch rims, are bolted onto a multi-shock Fox suspension that handles the wide Heavy-Duty Dana 44 axles.

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Genesis G70 Sport is love at first sight

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 6.05.29 PM
The Genesis G70 sedan gets your attention. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Head-turning sporty sedan looks as fast as it is


This was love at first sight. Then I drove the Genesis G70 3.3T, and the deal was sealed.

A recent article in Motor trend Magazine stated it pretty simply: sometimes you just look at a car and say, “Yes, they got it right.”

This four door sports se- dan looks great from every angle, its curves, swirls and bends perfectly proportioned. LED headlights frame a blacked-out, honey combed grill. Low profile tires on dark spoked wheels with Brembo brakes and live fender vents make this a driver’s machine.

And man, does it like to be driven. Pop the G70 into Sport mode, and the 3.3 liter, 365HP, twin-turbo V-6 provides instant, smooth power. The 8-speed automatic transmission defies turbo lag, calmly finding the correct gear for the all- wheel drive. An appreciative dual exhaust growls without breaking windows.

Instant steering response and crisp handling flowing from its sport-tuned suspension make driving the G70 a dream.

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