The city versus Verizon a bad bet

The he city council has been denying Verizon to place a number of 5G antennae on poles in certain neighborhoods of the city for longer than a year. Many meetings have been held.

Hours and hours and have been spent on attempting to devalue and to deny these several 5G antennae, without which the city cannot be modern and offer proper internet and television services.

Many expressions of fear about a perceived health hazard caused by the antennae have been expressed by more than several councilors in an effort to agree with their constituents when they should be thinking on their own and using their heads.

Councilors and residents believing they will be irradiated by 5G forces are out of step with the science of the issue.

Residents are asking that these not be put up.

They try to make the case they are dangerous – and they are not.

This issue is destined to cost the city a fortune if it goes to court – and the city will lose.

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