Public speakers denounce higher tax bills and parking woes in the neighborhoods

By Josh Resnek

A succession of public speakers denounced the higher tax bills they received at about the first of the New Year and parking woes during the public speaking session preceding the council meeting Monday night.

Everett businessman and an outspoken critic of the mayor John Puopolo said that the administration is fiscally irresponsible and basically doesn’t have clue about how to cut a budget or to save taxpayer money.

Diane Nuzzo, a 40 year resident and an employee of the Everett School Department for 27 years said her tax bill soared.

“My tax bill has gone up $1,500 in one year. When Encore came in, we were promised the money from the casino to the city would be used to keep taxes low. Well, my sister’s home in Lynnfield has taxes lower than mine,” added Nuzzo.

Nuzzo also derided the notion of parking stickers aiding in the quest for more parking spaces for the neighborhoods.

“Why bother getting a sticker when there is no enforcement. Without ticketing and towing, what good is a parking sticker?” she wondered out loud.

She scolded the city council as a do nothing body.

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Wendy Poste’s comments to city council at last meeting of 2022

Editor’s note: These comments were presented last week to the Everett city council by lifelong resident Wendy Poste who has been seeking justice after allegedly being raped by a former Everett firefighter who served for years following the allegations against him for the Poste incident as well as another incident of sexual violence against a young woman in Salisbury.

Good evening, my name is Wendy Poste. I am a life-long resident of Everett, a homeowner, a wife and mother of two sons and a rape survivor. I am here to speak about the important of item 21. C0530-22 on the agenda before us today.

This item is personal to me, for many reasons most importantly because I have a granddaughter and if I can save her and protect her from what happened to me, I will go to any lengths to do so. In 1997, after 10 years of service to the EFD, a firefighter was convicted of indecent A&B of a child under the age of 14. He was sentenced to 2 1⁄2 years at the HOC, which was suspended in lieu of 3 years’ probation, sent to classes for sexual deviants, and placed on the sex offender registry. He went back to work the next day.

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Righting a Terrible Wrong

A life long Everett woman Wendy Poste has been fighting for justice since she alleged, and maintains the allegation, that she was drugged and raped by an Everett firefighter – a friend of the family.

Turns out the former Everett firefighter was on the sexual offenders list for years after pleading guilty to sexual assault in Salisbury while serving on the Everett Fire Department. This was known by the fire department’s leadership and by the leadership in the police department.

This same former Everett firefighter was recently charged with sexual assault again in Salisbury, as reported in the Newburyport Times earlier in October. The judge in the case chose not to move forward with a prosecution. She issued an order requiring the former firefighter to stay away from his victim.

Poste has reached out to the administration and to the fire department and to the state’s leading fire official for justice.

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Former Everett Firefighter Charged Again For Indecent Assault and Battery

Leader Herald Staff

A former Everett firefighter who is on the state’s sexual offender list and who received an award from the Everett Fire Department while on the list was recently charged again with indecent assault and battery on a person over 14.

Albert Murphy, 58 of Salisbury, had his case continued without a finding for 18 months and was ordered to stay away and no contact with the victim after a hearing in the Newburyport Court, according to an article that appeared in the Newburyport Times.

Th hearing took place before Judge Mary McCabe and the case was dismissed at that time.

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