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Casino Job Seeker Gets job; And what a Great Job it is

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By Josh Resnek

I interviewed a fellow from the North Shore who went to the Encore job fair in Boston two weeks ago.

He’s a guy in his 50’s looking for something new to do with his life.

He told me he read about the jobs being offered by Encore for thecasino hopefully about to open. This guy knew nothing about the politicsof the issue going on – the hearings, the suitability stuff. That was alllike a foreign language to this guy.

He’s a college grad. He’s got a wife and 2 kids and he lives a nice life on the North Shore.

He even has a small business.

Anyway, he showed up at the Encore job fair at the convention center in Boston..

“Unbelievable!” he told me. “Just unbelievable how many people were in line to get a job,” he added.

He got there early in the morning, about 9 a.m.

He recalled being in line with hundreds of people.

Many of those in line, he said, were working-class types looking to better themselves.

“Many of them were wearing track shoes and parkas. Many of them didn’t speak English very well,” he said.

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