What’s good for Las Vegas would be good for Everett

Wynn Resorts and Encore in Nevada are helping employees struggling with child care issues and has stepped ip to the plate for parents who have school aged children now involved in virtual learning.

In Las Vegas, Wynn Resorts and Encore has contracted with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada to provide supervised virtual learning spaces for up to 400 children of Wynn Las Vegas and Encore employees.

The program is free to employees and is open to children ages 6 to 10 at Boys and Girls Clubs locations around Las Vegas.

A similar program here in Everett would be of great aid to parents of Everett children in need of the freedom tow work – if they still have a job and to know their children have an added support system in the brave new world we are facing as school sets to open on September 15.

Everett does not have a Boys and Girls Club however the public schools themselves might set up a parallel program to accommodate Encore employees and their children during this period of new normal.

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Wynn Resorts grants top leaders stock

Encore Boston Harbor. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Effort to enhance espirit de corps, job performance, profitability at casinos


Wynn CEO Matt Maddox, who inherited his post from his teacher and main benefactor company founder Steve Wynn, is showing leadership in giving up his stock bene- fits and instead sharing them with the company’s 240 top leaders, it was announced by Wynn Resorts.

A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission reported by Gambling News, reveals the company is setting up a share grant and is using it to stimulate its top leaders in Las Vegas and Boston with 176,247 shares distributed to about 240 members of the staff – key members, including executive officers.

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Sexual harassment lawsuit against Steve Wynn dismissed


A lawsuit against Wynn Resorts filed by nine anonymous women who claimed they were sexually harassed by former CEO and founder Steve Wynn, has been dismissed by a federal judge.

The women filed against the company claiming it was well aware of the actions of its CEO and tried to cover up the misconduct.

This suit was filed many months following the publication of a Wall Street Journal investigative report that interviewed dozens of women who claimed they were sexually harassed by Steve Wynn and tormented by a culture of sexual harassment that apparently existed at Wynn Resorts.

That Wall Street Journal report led to Wynn’s resignation from the company he founded as well as leading to the sale of all his stock in the company as well as his resignation as the Republican Party’s chief of fundraising.

According to a detailed report about the federal ruling in Gambling News, an online publication, the women, all of whom worked at Wynn Resorts as manicurists and make-up artists elected to remain anonymous.

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Encore reopening important step for city’s financial future

Encore Boston Harbor casino and resort July 18, 2020. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Encore has successfully traversed the new normal we are all living with by opening for a full week following a four-month shutdown due to the Coronavirus.

While the jury remains out on exactly how successful a week it was, company officials are ebullient that the casino and hotel have reopened, and that a semblance of normalcy has returned to the gaming floor and hotel.

The casino is open 24/7. The hotel has reopened four days a week – Thursday through Sunday.

This translates into positive news for Everett City Hall.

Encore’s in lieu of tax payment to the city brings in $30 million yearly according to the host agreement.

Encore closed, and the city cannot survive financially in its present iteration.

Encore open and doing business, well, that’s a reason for relief, at least for the moment.

Encore has rehired as many as several thousand employees – or called them back after furloughing them – in order to meet the crush of new and costly COVID-19 regulations.

Casino analysts point out that the cost of doing business right now for Encore, and all casinos in the region, is weighted down by the heavy price for having so many employees to watch over hygienic issues when so few people are tending to come to the reopened casinos.

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–Eye on Everett —

The “Museo,” Steve Wynn’s mansion in Las Vegas.

Blue Suit opens up about Steve Wynn, mayor, FBI


The mayor’s Blue Suit and I shared quite a discussion earlier this week.

He called from the mayor’s mansion on Abbott Avenue, from inside the mayor’s closet.

“Josh, we need to talk,” he said to me when he called.

“The mayor is out. God knows where he’s gone. Thank God he isn’t wearing me. You can’t imagine what it’s like. I cringe each time he goes to sit down. It’s worse when he sits on a sofa than a firm chair. Either way, its torture.”

“I’m ready,” I answered the Blue Suit.

“Let it all hang out, my man.”

The Blue Suit started in with a discussion about a recent call the mayor received from Steve Wynn that he overheard. “Hey, Carlo my brother, my friend for life, the man who shed a tear for me at the grand opening just a year ago. How the hell are you, buddy, my pal,” I heard Wynn say to Carlo, his Blue Suit said to me.

The mayor answered Wynn with amazement in a heavy Massachusetts accent, kind of half mumbling and bungling words as he tends to do, the Blue Suit recalled.

“Yuh. Good. Yuh. Wow! Steve, how ah ya? Great to heah from ya. Whad’s up my man?” He said other things to Steve, but it was such a jumble of half spoken words and thoughts with no beginning or end and making no sense that I don’t think Steve heard him or cared much. Steve only cares about himself, the Blue Suit added.

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