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The “Museo,” Steve Wynn’s mansion in Las Vegas.

Blue Suit opens up about Steve Wynn, mayor, FBI


The mayor’s Blue Suit and I shared quite a discussion earlier this week.

He called from the mayor’s mansion on Abbott Avenue, from inside the mayor’s closet.

“Josh, we need to talk,” he said to me when he called.

“The mayor is out. God knows where he’s gone. Thank God he isn’t wearing me. You can’t imagine what it’s like. I cringe each time he goes to sit down. It’s worse when he sits on a sofa than a firm chair. Either way, its torture.”

“I’m ready,” I answered the Blue Suit.

“Let it all hang out, my man.”

The Blue Suit started in with a discussion about a recent call the mayor received from Steve Wynn that he overheard. “Hey, Carlo my brother, my friend for life, the man who shed a tear for me at the grand opening just a year ago. How the hell are you, buddy, my pal,” I heard Wynn say to Carlo, his Blue Suit said to me.

The mayor answered Wynn with amazement in a heavy Massachusetts accent, kind of half mumbling and bungling words as he tends to do, the Blue Suit recalled.

“Yuh. Good. Yuh. Wow! Steve, how ah ya? Great to heah from ya. Whad’s up my man?” He said other things to Steve, but it was such a jumble of half spoken words and thoughts with no beginning or end and making no sense that I don’t think Steve heard him or cared much. Steve only cares about himself, the Blue Suit added.

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Encore not paying its tab, owes millions

Wynn Resort to hold money until virus scare over


First came the grand opening of the Encore Boston Harbor in our city in June 2019.

The president at the time, Rob DeSalvio, in an indescribable moment of self-delusion, said the doors would be open forever.

The mayor cried. Everyone on the podium in front of the hotel cheered. The fireworks were launched into the sky. The thick stream of customers flowed into the casino and hotel.

If he noted the opening of this stunning gaming and entertainment achievement on one of the most polluted pieces of land in the United States, Steve Wynn was left to mumble to himself somewhere far away. He was unwelcome at the opening.

Little did DeSalvio know he would soon be asked to leave and then in October the taste of things to come.

Revelations that Wynn Resorts had not paid the city more than $6 million due to it in the form of an in lieu of tax payment got out in the local media.

Company officials reacted swiftly at the time. A check was cut or the money transferred by wire to stop the embarrassment at so rich a company being so late on its payment to the city.

Everyone should have asked why or how such a thing could happen.It was like your richest relative who bought you a car hadn’t made the loan payment, and your car was going to be towed away.

It left you wondering about how rich your relative really is, and whether or not he or she could keep his word.

Encore Boston Harbor’s first year anniversary has been postponed or canceled, however one chooses to look at it, by the coronavirus.

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Wynn rolls dice on Las Vegas eateries, Encore stays closed

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 10.28.00 AM
A fisherman cast his line in the Mystic River in front of the Encore. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Mass Gaming Commission praises resort on new misconduct policies


In Las Vegas, a group of restaurants owned by Wynn Resorts is reopening this week with restrictions, a sure sign that some sense of normalcy is returning to the Strip.

Who and how many people will come to the restaurants are big questions as many of them cater to the millions of visitors that come to the desert for relaxation and fun.

Also, key are the business meetings and conventions held in Las Vegas which fill the restaurants with attendees, none of which will be happening any time soon – not at least until the end of the summer or later, according to reports in the Las Vegas Sun published this weekend.

Much of the news and the speculation is the same for Encore Boston Harbor in Everett which has been closed since mid-March.

Encore and MGC officials have been communicating but no date for reopening has yet been discussed or set.

In the meantime, the MGC gave Encore and Wynn officials a mostly glowing report as it evaluated the operator’s efforts and policies to limit sexual misconduct at the Encore property in Everett and throughout the company.

This came as a result of the law firm Miller & Chevalier’s 127-page report being reviewed by the MGC at last week’s meeting. Miller & Chevalier lawyers spent close to three hours detailing the results of its report on the monitoring of Wynn CEO Matt Maddox and his team.

That report and its finding are partly the result of the $35 MGC million fine Wynn Resorts was forced to pay to get its license and further stipulations for the company to change its culture which the MGC insisted upon.

The effort was intended to end the company’s complicity in covering up sexual misconduct allegations against founder and former chairman and CEO Steve Wynn.

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Wynn Resorts riding out storm

Cash is king in downturn and closure

By Josh Resnek

Encore Everett has been shut down since March 15.

Wynn Las Vegas has been closed since March 17.

Wynn’s Macau casino has reopened but there are no gamblers. Its casinos and hotels are empty.

But with about $3 billion in cash on hand,

Wynn is continuing to maintain its properties, to meet its many obligations, including paying the city of Everett, and to pay its employees both fulltime and part time as well as to give money away to struggling communities where it does business.

Encore has been a generous contributor to local food banks in Everett during this Coronavirus driven economic catastrophe.

The company has been bearing the loss of revenue and paying out $2.5 million a day in Macau to maintain its operation there and cash interest expenses of $500,000 a day.

Encore Boston Harbor and Wynn Las Vegas have been costing the company $3.5 million a day and cash interest of $800,000 a day.

Its first quarter results have tanked.

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Wynn Resorts and Encore

The largest contributor to the city treasury, Encore Boston Harbor, has done the right thing closing down, and second, by paying the 5,000 employees who work there during this crisis for 30 days.

Bravo to Encore and the leadership at Wynn Resorts, especially to CEO Matt Maddox.

This is very big medicine where we come from.

Wynn Resorts has been put at major risk by closing down its facilities in Macau and in Las Vegas and now in Everett.

The major risk is going out of business if these major centers for entertainment, gambling and tourism do not reopen and if when reopened, no one comes.

These are extremely difficult times for Wynn Resorts.

Their juggernaut of facilities is closed.

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