Steve Wynn to be Banned from Owning Casino License in Nevada

By Josh Resnek

The founder and former owner of the Wynn Company, whose vision and energy and money built the Encore Boston Harbor Hotel and Casino is being banned from owning a casino license in Nevada by the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Although Wynn Company was fined $35 million before they opened their doors here in June, Steve Wynn’s status was not determined in a legal way by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission except to note that he would not be allowed to be the licensee of the Encore facility and that his name could not appear on the facility identifying it.

The Nevada action now being taken comes as a result of a new spate of lawsuits against Wynn as well as a spate of older ones.

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Wynn Resorts wants Japan; Encore to Report August Revenue

By Josh Resnek

Japan is opening up its nation to casino gambling and Wynn Resorts is lining up with the rest of the international gaming corporations to get a foot inside that nation.

Japan remains vastly underutilized as an international entertainment and travel destination, partly because of its distance from Europe and North America, but also because of Japan’s secular leanings – that is – the Japanese have never really welcomed the world to their nation.

All this is changing and fast as Japanese officials have begun an application process that is expected to really get going in 2021.

The Japanese want to bring tourists, who bring revenues, which contribute greatly to economic growth.

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— Eye on Everett —

Steve Wynn Called

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM
By Josh Resnek

Think about that.

Steve Wynn called me out of the blue on Monday.

“What did you think of the opening of the casino?” he asked me. “Spectacular in every way,” I answered.

“Yes,” he said, “Matt and all the others really pulled it together, didn’t they?

“Quite frankly, Steve, everyone is blown away by Wynn Resort’s talents, for the company’s ability to get the job done.”

“Quite a company I built, isn’t it, Josh?

“You got that right, Steve!”

“Back to the opening…were you there, Josh?”

“Couldn’t make it, Steve. I was in Pam Beach visiting my sister.” “I watched clips of it on television. Your boy Carlos the mayor paid homage to you, Steve.”

Yes. Carlos said wonderful words. He said he remained loyal to me in front of that huge crowd. He even cried! I thought that was a bit much. I didn’t realize how theatrical he can get.”

Steve laughed.

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Dining at Encore Boston Harbor

Dining & Nightlife


Redefining the steakhouse experience, Rare Steakhouse features the most curated and unique steak program in NewEngland. Rare Steakhouse is one of an exclusive collection of restaurants in the U.S. to offer certified Kobe beef.

These exclusive Japanese cuts are served along side hard-to-find bourbon and
scotch selections, complete with stunning views of the Harbor walk and Mystic River.Under the careful supervision of Executive Chef Taylor Kearney, Rare Steakhouse will leverage a state-of-the-art, dry aging process on-site. Dinner served nightly.


One of only two restaurants in the world authorized by the Sinatra family,Sinatra

is a culinary salute to Ol’ Blue Eyes. Chef TJ Ricciardi  provides modern and sophisticated riffs on familiar Italian classics that Frank himself would have loved. The singer’s charisma and style are kept alive through an experiential dinner menu and playful cocktail names that reflect familiar Sinatra songs. Dinner served nightly.

Contemporary Restaurants


The 24-hour coffee shop serves coffee from La Colombe, sweet treats like ice cream and house baked gourmet pastries, and surprising concoctions such as Frosé. A team of skilled baristas craft exquisite espresso drinks, specialty teas and smoothies, while salads, sandwiches and rolls offer around-the-clock options to satisfy any craving. Open 24 hours daily.


New England’s classic roastery posts their flagship location on the CasinoFloor at Encore Boston Harbor.Coffee specialties and Dunkin’ favorites can be found here 24/7.Open 24 hours daily. 21+.


Translating to “brothers,”Fratelli honors Boston’s North End with Southern Italian cooking in a comfortable atmosphere. Local restaurateursFrankDePasquale and Nick Varano are proud to bring Hanover Street to Encore Boston Harbor with this new concept. 21+.


Elevated all-day American dining overlooking the magicalGarden Lobby.Chef Taylor Collis creates seasonally- driven and locally-inspired offerings that satisfy the needs of the celebratory brunch, the business luncheon, or the well- traveled food-lover. Breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily.


Chef Anthony Micari expertly leads several open kitchens creating Asian inspired shareable plates and sushi in a sophisticated and sexy atmosphere. Set against the backdrop of theBoston skyline, the energy of the buzzing room grows as the evening advances. Dinner served nightly. 21+ after 9:00p.m.


Led by Chef John Ross, the Atlantic Coast of Greater NewEngland comes alive with an interactive approach to the raw bar. Shucked before guests’ eyes, the freshest catch of oysters and clams are accompanied by locally caught Maine lobster, crudos, ceviches and other coastal-inspired specialties. Crisp white and sparkling wines fit side-by-side with beers specifically selected to pair with the bounty of the sea. All-day menu served daily.


Chef Jacqueline Bullio makes gourmet burgers and American classics come together at Boston’s new favorite sports bar. During time-outs and halftimes, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the Casino Floor while sipping on local craft beers and cocktails. All-day menu served daily. 21+.


A signature restaurant fromWynn Resorts comes to Boston. Chef Ivan Yuen masterfully blends the flavors of Southeast Asia with Western techniques to create a singularly delicious experience. Bold flavors and authentic tastes are promised throughout the menu, which features Cantonese noodle dishes, Hong Kong-style dim sum and Peking duck, as well asShanghai andSichuan flavors. Lunch and dinner served daily.


Waterfront features the best of New England craft beer and spirits along side a menu of unique shareable plates. Chef John Ross has created an energetic place to enjoy a drink with friends over a Lobster Roll andFriedOysters. All-day menu served daily. 21+ after 9PM.


This Vegas-style all-you-can-eat indulgence has found its home in Boston.Chef Sidney Semedo leans on international influences to create the bounty of land and sea. Whether it’s regional favorites, home comforts or the cuisines of the world, The Buffet redefines notions of buffet dining and will satisfy any craving. Lunch and dinner served daily, with gourmet dinner onFriday and Saturday, and brunch served on Saturday and Sunday. 21+.

Wynn Resorts to draw Visitors from all over

by Josh Resnek

Wynn Resorts is a marketing giant pushing with all its might to launch on June 23 with an advertising campaign intended to boost the numbers of visitors to the casino and hotel in our city.

The company is providing international influencers and travel professionals with the chance to visit the resort as part of “familiarization trips” that are intended to boost the number of visitors not just to the site, but to Massachusetts.

Bottom line: Wynn is trying to lure as many as 10 million visitors to the casino during its first year in operation.

This may just happen, and if it does, watch out!

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