Former FBI agent Stern, Wynn’s Former Top Dog Of Security, Claimed Little Knowledge of Land Transaction

By Josh Resnek

The former Senior Vice President for Corporate Security at Wynn Resorts was James C. Stern, a 25 year special agent for the FBI. He departed the company last April just after the Massachusetts Gaming Commission held a public forum to ask Wynn executives about the sexual harassment cases involving their co-founder Steve Wynn.

For those of you who think this is old news, Stern’s removal came only ten months ago.

The casino land deal and everything having to do with it remains a current topic in legal circles and among many lawyers now litigating law cases related to the land deal and the subsequent award of the casino license to Wynn Resorts.

The Boston office of the FBI has shown a great deal of deference to the real culprits who stole the casino license from the Sterling Group in Revere so Steve Wynn could buy it for the Wynn Corporation from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission at a discount.

The folks from Sterling passed the law and order test to gain the license but lost it to Wynn, who had to resign from his own company in disgrace for alleged acts of egregious sexual harassment and worse, allegations about which the FBI claims to have had no knowledge of after conducting a thorough investigation.

This proved an old Massachusetts political adage that the good guys with all the qualifications never win over the bad guys who won, who never should have been awarded the license.

How the land was found, who originally bought it, how the FBI began a “thorough” investigation that somehow left out Steve Crosby, the former MGC chair and Paul Lohnes, his business partner to whom he owed money, is the stuff of Boston office FBI riddles.

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Wynn Resorts Macau Casino and Hotel closed due to virus

By Josh Resnek

Wynn Resorts flagship casino and hotel in Macau has been temporarily closed down due to the spread of the Coronavirus now sweeping China.

If the spread of the virus continues unabated, this could pose difficult cash flow problems for Wynn.

Macau is a short distance from the Chinese border.

Before the casino and hotel closed, visitor traffic had disappeared.

Wynn officials, in statements to the press, indicated that the closure is costing about $2.6 million a day.

Wynn CEO Matt Maddox said the company has enough money on hand to endure a long closure.

He made a promise to pay all the Macau casino and hotel employees even though the facility is now closed.

“Our employees are the first people we need to take care of,” Maddox told the press.

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Looking at the News

How Complete Was Wynn’s Cleanup of Monsanto?

By Josh Resnek

I have walked the site of our grand casino. I visit once a week delivering the Leader Herald.

I take a look around.

The view from the front of the hotel looking south reveals the newly remade shoreline, with the casino land, now a lush natural style pedestrian walkway jutting out into the Mystic River.

At low tide, the sandy flats are visible at both sides of the small harbor that exist in front of the hotel, where the transit craft pull up and dock with visitors from Boston everyday.

The appearance on a sunny day is the sea shining, the sandy flats clean and gray. The entire vista is an exact opposite of what it used to be.

Each time I visit, I am blown away by the plantings of thousands of mature trees and shrubs throughout the 33 acre site, once the most contaminated piece of abused and ruined land in all of Massachusetts.

I remain awestruck by the transformation from toxic dump to a greater Boston attraction, from a Chernobyl type misery zone, to one of the busiest and largest generators of money in the North East with a five star hotel and a first class casino.

The place is beautiful and the access to the Mystic River is something this town has not had in over 100 years. The place is so nice, I considered jumping into the river or casting a fishing rod to see if there were any sign of life. It then made me wonder, how safe the water is now.

It may be safe but I don’t think it would be a good idea to start swimming there or fishing – besides neither of those activities would be allowed under the current ownership.

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How Wynn almost lost the license in Everett

By Josh Resnek

In January 2018, when news of Steve Wynn’s sexual escapades hit the news in a Wall Street Journal investigative report, many believed it would be the end of the casino. Even the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, then headed by Stephen Crosby, informed Wynn that the disclosures of sexual assault and cover-up meant that Wynn Resorts “proceeds with this project on an at-risk basis.”

This was as close as the FBI and the State Police came to uncovering the conspiracy to cover up public corruption in Everett and the true depths of the conspiracy to award Wynn the casino license even though he was unsuitable.

It also marked the intensification of the US Attorney’s office questionable indictment and prosecution of Gary DeCicco, in what might well prove to be a fake legal maneuver to distract everyone in a position of responsibility from identifying the real culprits in the dirty land deal for the polluted former Monsanto site.

The FBI arrested DeCicco.

DiCicco was not granted bail.

He sat in jail for 15 months while the FBI tried to squeeze him intotelling stories about one of the land partners, a convicted felon. DiCicco refused.

The FBI promised him he’d likely never get out of jail if he didn’t talk, according to court records from a recently filed prosecutorial misconduct complaint against the US Attorney’s office and Assistant United State’s Attorney Kristina Barclay and the FBI.

“It is apparent that the misconduct of government agents, who are sworn to uphold the law, ultimately unlawfully cost Mr. DeCicco fifteen months of his freedom, irreparable damage to his reputation, and millions of dollars before he was acquitted by the jury,” wrote Attorney Tracy Miner in her filing with the Office of Professional Responsibility.

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Depositions on Wynn land lawsuits taking Place

By Josh Resnek

Depositions are being taken this week in Boston and Wellesley from a handful of the high powered attorneys and principals who played a role in the sale of the 33 acres of polluted land where the Encore Boston Harbor stands today,” according to sources familiar with the private legal proceedings.

Being deposed are former Governor and Mintz Levin Attorney William Weld, Steven Tocco, of Mintz Levin, Attorney James Popeo, the founder and president of Mintz Levin, Dustin DeNunzio of FBT and former Wynn corporate counsel, Kim Marie Sinatra.

The depositions are being sought by Anthony Gattinari, one of the land principals fighting to restore his name after it was muddied by his association with FBT Real Estate, the owners of the land who conveyed it to Steve Wynn and Wynn Resorts.

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