Wynn Resorts and Encore

The largest contributor to the city treasury, Encore Boston Harbor, has done the right thing closing down, and second, by paying the 5,000 employees who work there during this crisis for 30 days.

Bravo to Encore and the leadership at Wynn Resorts, especially to CEO Matt Maddox.

This is very big medicine where we come from.

Wynn Resorts has been put at major risk by closing down its facilities in Macau and in Las Vegas and now in Everett.

The major risk is going out of business if these major centers for entertainment, gambling and tourism do not reopen and if when reopened, no one comes.

These are extremely difficult times for Wynn Resorts.

Their juggernaut of facilities is closed.

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Questions arise about missing and altered FBI reports In US Attorney’s office; casino land case continues

By Josh Resnek

The US Attorney’s office in Boston is fighting allegations that FBI agents have not been keeping with the letter of the law writing FBI 302 reports, or dating them correctly, or releasing them in a timely manner when asked for as part of discovery efforts by criminal attorneys representing clients in cases before the federal court.

In addition, the US Attorney’s office has been admonished by several judges recently in major cases causing a serious ripple among attorneys practicing in the federal courthouse.

In a recent prosecutorial misconduct case filed against Assistant United State Attorney Kristina Barclay and FBI agents handling the federal prosecution of Gary DeCicco, he presented evidence revealing that the FBI had bungled either intentionally or accidentally a key 302 FBI report and what was revealed on it by presenting fewer pages in the 302 four years later at his trial than when it was written. In other words, it was presented as evidence to the court four years after it was written in an excised form. That prosecutorial misconduct filing was denied because of its lack of timeliness.

DeCicco is the original owner of the casino land bought by Steve Wynn.

On February 12, over six months after the verdict, US District Judge Leo T. Sorokin overturned the jury verdicts in the “Boston Calling” case of Kenneth Brissette and Timothy Sullivan.

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Depositions Continue in Gattineri v Wynn $40 million handshake deal

By Josh Resnek

Depositions are being taken in the Anthony Gattineri v Wynn Resorts federal case in which Gattinari, one of the original casino land owners, is seeking to be compensated for a handshake deal he apparently concluded with former Encore president Robert DeSalvio.

The depositions, some taken last week and continuing feature a full array of key figures in the casino land deal.

Steve Tocco (ML Strategies), former president of Encore Boston Harbor casino Robert DeSalvio, former Wynn Resorts general counsel Kim Sinatra and Republican Presidential candidate Bill Weld are all expected to give depositions.

Tocco, it has been reported by a source, is giving his deposition earlier this week in a law office somewhere in downtown Boston.

Wynn got a steal on the land in Everett in 2013 when the Massachusetts Gaming Commission handed Wynn a $40 million discount on the Everett parcel as a result of believing that the sellers of the land (FBT Everett Realty) had some ties to organized crime.

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Former FBI agent Stern, Wynn’s Former Top Dog Of Security, Claimed Little Knowledge of Land Transaction

By Josh Resnek

The former Senior Vice President for Corporate Security at Wynn Resorts was James C. Stern, a 25 year special agent for the FBI. He departed the company last April just after the Massachusetts Gaming Commission held a public forum to ask Wynn executives about the sexual harassment cases involving their co-founder Steve Wynn.

For those of you who think this is old news, Stern’s removal came only ten months ago.

The casino land deal and everything having to do with it remains a current topic in legal circles and among many lawyers now litigating law cases related to the land deal and the subsequent award of the casino license to Wynn Resorts.

The Boston office of the FBI has shown a great deal of deference to the real culprits who stole the casino license from the Sterling Group in Revere so Steve Wynn could buy it for the Wynn Corporation from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission at a discount.

The folks from Sterling passed the law and order test to gain the license but lost it to Wynn, who had to resign from his own company in disgrace for alleged acts of egregious sexual harassment and worse, allegations about which the FBI claims to have had no knowledge of after conducting a thorough investigation.

This proved an old Massachusetts political adage that the good guys with all the qualifications never win over the bad guys who won, who never should have been awarded the license.

How the land was found, who originally bought it, how the FBI began a “thorough” investigation that somehow left out Steve Crosby, the former MGC chair and Paul Lohnes, his business partner to whom he owed money, is the stuff of Boston office FBI riddles.

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Wynn Resorts Macau Casino and Hotel closed due to virus

By Josh Resnek

Wynn Resorts flagship casino and hotel in Macau has been temporarily closed down due to the spread of the Coronavirus now sweeping China.

If the spread of the virus continues unabated, this could pose difficult cash flow problems for Wynn.

Macau is a short distance from the Chinese border.

Before the casino and hotel closed, visitor traffic had disappeared.

Wynn officials, in statements to the press, indicated that the closure is costing about $2.6 million a day.

Wynn CEO Matt Maddox said the company has enough money on hand to endure a long closure.

He made a promise to pay all the Macau casino and hotel employees even though the facility is now closed.

“Our employees are the first people we need to take care of,” Maddox told the press.

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