Cable monopoly bad like every monopoly


Everett certainly needs competition in the cable/internet world.

We thought maybe RCN was it. So far RCN service doesn’t come close to matching Xfinity.

It has failed in customer service, equipment, and tech support.

Long wait times on the phone.

Many equipment exchanges and several tech support visits and no success.

But their techs are well mannered, polite, and courteous.

This is the way it should be in the first place.

Overall this is not good for the Everett consumer – of which there are thousands all trying to deal with the same deficiencies.

The lack of competition and support puts Xfinity in the driver’s seat. Especially when it comes to our elderly population.

The elderly, more so than most of us who are younger, are held hostage to rising costs and the daily failure to perform as required.

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