Mayor must answer two questions Wednesday

The rescheduled City Council meeting to be held Wednesday evening on ZOOM has on its agenda two serious questions raised by two serous councilors regarding the city’s finances and integrity.

All roads on these two questions lead directly to the mayor. Councilor Gerly Adrien, immensely disliked by the mayor

for a variety of reasons – she’s a woman – she’s Black – she’s assertive – has asked the mayor to explain why he “stole” $471,000 from the School Department checking account.

More importantly, she will be asking him whether or not he is going to give the School Department the $471,000 as it was already spent.

In other words, will the mayor return what he took out of the account on a whim?

This remains to be seen.

In all likelihood, the mayor will have the city’s de facto mayor, CFO Eric Demas, answer for him about exactly why the mayor took back the money without first telling the School Department.

Demas will present himself like the mayor’s good soldier with his typical regurgitation of starched, bureaucratic gobble-dygook intended to first confuse, and then to convince those wondering that doing such a thing is absolutely perfect city money management.

It isn’t.

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