Mayor to Use School Funds to Lower Taxes

Leader Herald Staff Report 

The mayor announced Tuesday that he will not be transferring the $2.5 million the state intended for the public schools into the school account.

“The $2.5 million will remain in the general account and be used to lower taxes,” he said, according to his spokesperson, Tom Philbin.

Senator Sal DiDomenico, who was able to raise the money in the state’s supplemental budget for Everett, said he was very disappointed with the mayor’s decision.

“The purpose of this additional Chapter 70 funding was to be used for our public schools. I have been advocating for more resources for our schools since the state formula was adjusted, and we have been successful. By definition Chapter 70 money is funding for our public schools and that was the expectation when these funds were secured.”

DiDomenico recalled how difficult it was to persuade the Senate to include the added funds for the schools.

“I worked hard to get that funding for the Everett Public Schools. The money should go to the public schools,” he told the Leader Herald.

Superintendent of Schools Frederick Foresteire said the mayor’s inability to transfer the funds appropriated by the state and meant specifically for the public schools is a sign the city’s finances are not in good order.

“The city must be in dire straights financially for the mayor to do this,” Foresteire said.

DiDomenico has been asked to appear before the School Committee meeting Monday evening at the high school to discuss more fully the situation.

If $2.5 million is put against the tax rate, it would translate into maybe a $25 savings for property owners.


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