What’s the rush to borrow $10.5 million?

The city council approved $10.5 million for the mayor to buy the former Pope John site.

On its face, it is a good idea.

The mayor’s plan is to build senior and veterans housing on the site. However, the mayor did not show the council a signed purchase and sales agreement with all the details.

Who’s being paid a commission, if any? Will the school building be torn down and carted away and new structure put up?

Are there any plans at all for the site?

We don’t believe so.

In this instance, the city council has approved the city to borrow $10.5 million for the property with no agreement in hand.

In the real world, this is about sloppiness and a caveat emptor attitude that has the potential of causing the city great expense.

Those criticizing the mayor’s initiative were accused of being against elderly and veterans housing.

What was the mayor’s big rush for the $10.5 million? What is it we don’t yet know about this deal?


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