Big Thanksgiving game lost this year

If you are a Crimson Tie football player or fan, or parent of a player or cheerleader, or you are among the folks that sell hot dogs at the games, or you are fans who collect at Everett Memorial Stadium, well, this is a depressing time.

For the players who had to sit out the Thanksgiving football game, and the entire season, it is the equivalent of a robbery – the robbery of the thrill of a lifetime for young players who live for Thanksgiving, competition.

For them, it is the robbery of a lifetime. For many of them, they will never have the opportunity to play another Thanksgiving game at Everett Memorial Stadium. What has been lost this year?

Every element of gridiron tradition has been ruined this year by the virus.

Let us all hope and pray and do our part – and let’s have the government do its part, in righting this wrong so that next year, we are back to normal and the game goes on.

After all, that’s what life at its fullest is all about – letting the game go on.

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