Hundreds of new Covid-19 cases, virus unrepentant

A Covid-19 nasal swab at a local test site. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Everett logged another 450-500 new cases of the COVID-19 virus last week indicating the city has not yet reached a highpoint in the second incarnation of the viral swarm plaguing the United States.

The city has not published in quite some time an official number of those who have died from the virus, but it is believed to be about 50.

The numbers of infected, hospitalized, and dead have soared during the past three weeks.

The runaway, rampant, unrelentingly bad news is believed largely to be an outgrowth of the many family gatherings and travel by millions of Americans over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Now with Christmas at our doorstep, another surge is not only likely but a guarantee, according to epidemiologists like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Here in Everett, the city’s Health Department along with the State’s Department of Public Health, are urging everyone with preexisting conditions to remain vigilant.

The distribution of free food is ongoing, with lines growing longer and longer at two of the city’s major distri- bution points – the Connolly Center and the Grace Food Pantry.

Testing for the virus has caused thousands to stand in line for hours at a number of locations throughout the city.

There would appear to be no end in sight.

The population density in Everett, where many people live in crowded apartments with multiple families and relatives, makes dodging the virus a difficult task.

Against this backdrop of continuing bad news about the spreading virus comes the good news.

Vaccines have arrived in Massachusetts and Greater Boston.

They are now being distributed with many thousands of first responders and medical doctors, nurses, and hospital employees being vaccinated.

The elderly inside nursing homes will be next and then comes those 75 and older.

Most Everett residents wishing to be vaccinated can expect the vaccine to be available sometime in March, according to DPH officials familiar with the distribution effort.

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