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The Blue Suit discusses the mayor’s Aruba trip


I don’t know whether he was joking with me or not, but the Blue Suit told me he recently talked to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh about Carlo taking off to Aruba for a little holiday getaway only moments after the governor pleaded with Massachusetts residents and leaders to stay at home. That was done with a mass e-mail to nearly everyone carrying a cell phone in Massachusetts.

Here’s how the Blue Suit put it to me.

“Carlo probably read the e-mail from the governor on his cell as he made his way to Logan Airport. Carlo’s cell, as we all know, is not a jail cell, it is his office that he holds in his hand and carries in his pocket. I can assure you; Carlo didn’t care what people would think because he believes people are idiots. He thinks the superintendent of schools is an idiot. Fred Capone is a loser and an idiot. Mike Marchese and his brother are idiots. Of course, they weren’t idiots when they supported him or saved his life when he got in trouble. Gerly Adrien is not just an idiot. She is a Black, an aggressive woman who doesn’t know her place in this city and she’s an idiot who he will crush.”

“OK. OK. OK.,” I said to the Blue Suit. “Does the mayor think I’m an idiot?” I asked.

“Are you serious?” the Blue Suit replied. “You’re not just an idiot but you are a fool, a failure, a disease worse than the COVID-19.”

“Does he say that about me?” I asked, pretending to be bothered.

“He says much worse,” the Blue Suit added.

“Like what? I want to know. Tell me,” I pleaded.

The Blue Suit paused.

“He relates you to your religion in the most disgusting, offensive way. But that’s his style. I know you understand.”

“Of course, I understand. He’s that way with everyone. He’s a hater. We all know this about him. Funny. I don’t hate Carlo. His ignorance is something to behold. His lack of interest in education, in history, in religion, in morality, and economics is something to behold. I don’t hate him. On the contrary. He amazes me. I didn’t grow up with people like him. He’s an alien to me. He wears how he’s feeling on his sleeve. On Wednesdays when the Leader Herald comes out, it is always a bad afternoon for the mayor.”

“You’re right about that, Josh,” the Blue Suit began. “The mayor knows his entire staff and everyone around him reads the column as soon as they get their hands on the paper. That drives him crazy. As you know, he tries to make the case that no one reads the Leader Herald. His staff never confronts him with stories they read in the Leader Herald. That would reveal to him they read the paper and that would be grounds for discipline or firing,” the Blue Suit added. “His employees pretend not to read the paper. All of them read, avidly.”

“Tell me, what did Mayor Walsh have to say about him, about his Aruba trip?” I asked the Blue Suit.

The Blue Suit hesitated. Then he blurted out Walsh’s answer.

“I would never consider leaving the city of Boston during a time of emergency. I’ve heard about Carlo being all over the place. But him going to Aruba takes the prize for hypocrisy. Talk about not showing leadership! I knew the guy had his problems. I can’t believe he’d do such a thing and think he was going to get away with it,” Mayor Walsh told the Blue Suit, the Blue Suit told me.

“Hell, Everett is one of the worst places for the virus. The casino and hotel are caving. And he up and leaves and goes to Aruba! I wish I could do something like that. But I couldn’t live with myself. I care too much about what I do and what Boston residents and taxpayers think of me. Maybe his trip to Aruba works in Everett. It would never work, not in a thou- sand years in Boston. Can you imagine? Outraged residents would have been asking for my head. They’d be asking me to resign,” Walsh told the Blue Suit.

A beach in Aruba. (Photo by Pixabay)

“What do YOU think about Carlo heading to Aruba?” I asked the Blue Suit. “Did his public relations mavens think it was a good idea?”

“Are you kidding me?” the Blue Suit answered.

“They didn’t say anything they were thinking to him. They know you can’t do that, especially if it is truthful. In fact, I know they said to each other that at least he would be gone – and that’s a good thing if you work with him, under him, or however, you wish to describe the excruciating position you put yourself in when you sign up as a hired gun for him,” the Blue Suit said.

“Thank God he didn’t take me to Aruba. I was free of near-death experiences by asphyxiation for almost a week – and that is to look forward to if you are me. He’s a big man. It hurts when he wears me. It hurts real bad when he gets nervous and sweats. When he tosses me around like a rag… well… that kind of treatment gets right to my heart and soul. He’s a big guy to try to contain in a suit. Believe me, I know,” the Blue Suit said to me.

The Blue Suit told me several people on his staff whispered to each other that going to Aruba was a bad idea, bad for his public image, and bad for his reputation. They laughed at that – his reputation that is. One of his two public relations ladies said to the other Carlo believes he can get away with anything with Everett voters because they are stupid. The implication is that Everett voters, those who vote for him, are stupid as minority residents are stupid, as Haitians are stupid, as women are stupid, as Blacks are stupid, as Brazilians are stupid.

“He feels he doesn’t have to answer to anyone, and he doesn’t,” the Blue Suit said.

“Did you watch the School Committee meeting last night?” the Blue Suit asked me.

“ He could have gotten an Oscar nomination for his performance Monday night,” I answered.

“How so. Why?” the Blue Suit wanted to know.

“Aruba was already behind him as though it didn’t happen. He gesticulated with his hands almost in the same exact manner as Trump. It was almost as if his hands were talking. He was calm, cool, collected and all the while, he was trying to bury the School Superintendent with his fake news type explanation of city financial policy,” I said.

“How do you mean, Josh?”

“He stole about $1 million from the School Department and he tried to make the superintendent the thief for asking him to put it back. You need a criminal mind to act that way. He tried to pose her as a thief, then he tried to make her a criminal
for asking him to give back the money. Then he smiled like she was wrong, and he was right. But only one of them was right… and it wasn’t the mayor.”

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