The inauguration of Pres. Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris

JANUARY 18: The United States flag flies in fro of the State House. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

We wish the president and vice-president good luck.

They are going to need it.

The nation is rather hopelessly divided without much unifying force to bring people together for the general good.

The nation is languishing during an era when science is trashed, when leadership is missing, when there are no heroes. Biden and Harris will find exercising leadership difficult to impossible in such a jaundiced national social and political environment.

The divisions between the rich and the poor continue to grow. They will be hard pressed to do anything to change all that.

Bringing the nation together is a fantasy at this point. Certainly, they know this.
What can they do?

They must immediately show they have the skill to lead the nation to crack down on this virus and to vaccinate America so we can try to get back to normal sometime before too long.

Everyone should pay for health insurance. Everyone should have health insurance in this land.

Social Security must be saved and expanded.

America’s college students should not be weighed down by 25 years of college loan debts.

Iran should be stopped from fomenting revolution and terrorism across the Middle East. Iran should not be allowed to create an atomic bomb.

North Korea should never have been allowed to do that. We must be friends to all our friends around the world. It is OK to be enemies with our enemies.
Let’s give Biden and Harris a chance.

We have no choice but to do that.

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