Sizing up the mayoral race options


Should Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone challenge the mayor? Which candidate would he prefer to debate?

The broader question the mayor must consider should Adrien and Capone both decide to run – how does he deal with a two-front war?

He might feel that he would run circles around Adrien. He must believe her perceived inexperience in how the city government operates will leave her vulnerable.

Vulnerable to what?

If the mayor can run Everett, this is living proof that anyone can do the same.

Adrien goes down the right path for answers. She is not afraid to stand up to the mayor. She is learning as she goes.

She’s not afraid to call out any city official, even if she is standing alone.

To date, Adrien is almost always standing alone except for Capone.

Some believe that the council and the mayor have already handed her the key to the city.

Their inexcusable and poor behavior towards Everett’s first elected woman of color is not to be overlooked. Her mistreatment and the lack of respect for her cry out. A lot of people around here see this. They do not like it.

Maybe the mayor would run circles around her. But he will not get away with the ugly treatment she is receiving from him and others if it continues.

He’ll need to answer to the voters for that.

If Adrien does challenge the mayor, she should not assume being black will automatically get her ejected. She’ll need to do her homework as well.

She then has a very good chance of leading the city for the next four years.

If the mayor should end up running against and debating Capone, he won’t find it so easy. Capone knows how the city government operates.

He knows the budgets.

He knows wasteful spending when he sees it.

He knows the mayor’s weak spots.

The mayor cannot buy Capone.

Capone does his homework.

Capone challenges the administration when it needs to be challenged. He is unafraid to stand alone as he has done so many times in the past.

If he was elected, he wouldn’t clean house. He would not expect city employees to be loyal to him. He would want them to be loyal to Everett residents.

If a city employee needed his help, if any Everett resident or businessman needed help, Capone wouldn’t care if you voted for him. He would help you. You don’t have to kiss his ring. Capone is genuine, trustworthy, and not someone to fear. He believes the city belongs to the people. Regardless of their skin color or gender.

The city does not belong to the politicians.

It certainly doesn’t belong to the mayor.

He doesn’t own the city or its voters, employees, residents, and businesspeople.

Stephen Pinto writes on city politics and social issues. He is a longtime Everett resident.

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