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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tell Oprah race issues a role in their leaving Monarchy


I don’t believe many Everett residents give a hoot about the British monarchy, or as one friend said to me, “Everett people will think you’re talking about a butterfly when you mention the monarchy.”

Many Everett people watch Oprah or at least know who Oprah is and what a powerful force she is in the media.

Her airing of an interview with Prince Harry and his Black wife Meghan and their very young child, Archie, has led to a meltdown of the Queen, Harry’s brother Prince William, his wife Kate, and all the royals.

Meghan claimed that one of the royals wondered aloud: “What if Archie’s skin is really dark? What do we do then?”

I believe for some folks living in this city in multi-racial situations, the end product of such racist talk would be a good beating or a shooting, or at least a stabbing of the racist family member who said such a thing.

By leaving the nest and going out on their own, Harry and Meghan have upset all the royals.

By making claims of racism towards Meghan and her child, things got worse.

Of course, they exiled him after cutting his royal pay.

Then we learned from Oprah‘s interview, they faced tough times having to live for a while on Lady Diana’s estate she left to Harry, which was only $10 million.

Since they left the royal nest, they’ve made about $50 million and they are living the good life in California.

In Britain, the nation is in turmoil over the Oprah interview.

Unbelievably enough, the royals are very popular in Britain.

The Queen is admired and adored by millions and despised and considered irrelevant by more sensible thinking people.

America doesn’t have royals like in Britain.

We have the Kardashians, Beyoncé, J-Z, Taylor Swift, J-Lo, Tom Brady, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Oprah, and on and on.

Our royalty is of all colors and backgrounds.

Our royalty gets to be at the top without being descended from ancient families.

In Britain, you can’t really be a royal and be Black. Those two are incompatible.

You can’t be Irish, Italian, or Jewish, either.

You must be white, Anglo-Saxon, well mannered, educated, and dedicated to being worldwide ambassadors for the British people – at the cost of about $110 million British pounds per year.

That’s what the British government pays the Queen to run her castles, her boats, her planes, her many estates, her millions of acres, to protect her jewels, and on and on.

Her entire existence is based on white supremacy.

Therein lied the problem with Prince Harry marrying the Black American once divorced actress Meghan Markle.

She told the world she was treated so badly by the British royals that she wanted to commit suicide. She said the racism was overt and that it was a struggle to live with it.

Most of us would agree with that.

She and Harry just couldn’t take the racism, the rules and regulations of being a royal in the British family, and of having to subjugate their lives to the whims of the Queen’s handlers.

Finally, rather than to put up with racism and snobbery, they left.

Prince Charles, Harry’s father, is said to be in a depression. Prince William, his older brother, is believed to be done with Harry for his disloyalty.

Some of the royals want an investigation of Meghan. They claim she was nasty to her servants, the paid staff that takes care of the royals.

Those same royals have never asked for an investigation of Prince Andrew, who was a buddy of the pedophile and pervert Jeffrey Epstein – who is believed to have had sex with underage women repeatedly during a long royal life.

But hey, that’s the way it goes in the big leagues when you are part of the British Royal Family.

What now?

The British nation must deal with this crisis.

Better them than us.

We have our own non-royal situations to deal with.

What does the Prince Harry-Meghan racist scandal prove? It proves the royals over there are racist, hateful, spiteful, backstabbing, self-serving and very, very rich and privileged. Many of us wonder, what the hell did Meghan think she was getting into?

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