Stop wasting money on Norwood St. sidewalks

MARCH 19: A streetlight and the steeple of Immaculate Conception on Broadway. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

The replacement of sidewalks on the right side of Norwood Street heading toward the square is a nice touch.

However, the redoing of sidewalks planned for the opposite side of Norwood Street is an incredible waste of money and symptomatic of the mayor’s mania to spend money when it is unnecessary to do so.

The mayor, we understand, cannot control himself when it comes to spending money, whether it is his own or the cities.

That’s a problem that needs looking into – not what he does with his own money – but rather, how he wastes the city’s money on projects like replacing sidewalks that are in perfect repair.

Who does such things when keeping cash on hand is so important to the city’s financial well-being?

This type of wastefulness should come under the purview of the city council.

Councilors should have something to say about digging up perfectly good side- walks and replacing them with new sidewalks.

The waste of money like that is made all the more horrendous by the size of the long lines of working-class Everett residents lining up for free food to feed their families.

Every several hundred thousand dollars of taxpayer money that doesn’t need to be wasted can be put to much better use.

Replacing sidewalks that don’t need to be replaced makes no sense.

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