Everett not for everyone

The mayor’s re-election slogan has a snappy message: Everett for Everyone.”

However, there is a major disconnect between the truth of the matter and what is implied by the slogan.

Nearly everyone who knows the mayor, or works for the mayor, or with the mayor, who plays political games with the mayor understands this: Everett is not for Everyone.

Everett is for the mayor.

Quite a few of his closest allies have been joking among themselves about the slogan.

Frankly, it is a ridiculous slogan because it is patently untrue. Everett is not for everyone.

The mayor proves this every day with his policies, his hidden agenda, his silent promises, and through the various deals he makes in order to keep himself in office.

During this election year, voters must keep in mind exactly who Everett is for.

It is for the mayor.

If you think otherwise, you need counseling.

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