— Eye on Everett —

“The mayor has gone gray on me for a while”

– The Blue Suit talking to Josh Resnek


There’s a famous story about Joe DiMaggio, the baseball great, the last professional baseball player to hit 56 consecutive games.

That’s the rough equivalent of hitting red or black each time you bet at the roulette table 56 times consecutively without missing.

Think about that.

“Joe, why do you hustle the way you do in each game, in each at-bat, like a maniac on the field,” a sportswriter asked DiMaggio who was well into his career as a Yankee.

DiMaggio thought about this for a moment.

“Because there might be one person in the stands watching my performance who has never seen me play. I want them to know how seriously I take the game. How I give my all on each play,” he replied.

It is the same with me and my buddy, the mayor’s Blue Suit. I never know how many new readers there are pouring over the secrets revealed in this column. I want them all to know that what they get from me talking with the mayor’s Blue Suit, we come away with a clearer view of exactly who Carlo DeMaria is as opposed to who he presents himself to be.

Many people can’t understand me striking up a relationship with the mayor’s Blue Suit, of having a relationship with a Blue Suit that tells me the mayor’s secrets.

It is, after all, difficult to explain except that the proof is what we learn about the mayor from a suit he has worn for many, many years.

And by the way, the mayor is now sporting a new gray suit, which, I sup- pose, is intended to be an antidote to the Blue Suit’s revelations. So many people in this city talk about the Blue Suit that I believe the mayor has taken it to heart. At first glance, it appears that he is ditching the Blue Suit for the Gray Suit. Maybe he figures this will stop me from talking with his suits.

That won’t work because all the suits he wears or owns stick together. They all share the same miserable experience that comes from the mayor wearing them, stretching them, dribbling food on their pant legs, sweating in them, and then tossing them like pieces of wrinkled and worn material onto his bed in his mansion on Abbott Avenue after he’s done wearing them.

Their secrets become my revelations about Carlo, the mayor forever, in his own words.

The Blue Suit and I watched from a distance as the mayor said his piece and then watched the raising of the Gay Flag at city hall Tuesday morning.

“You know Carlo is the worst homophobe at city hall,” the Blue Suit said to me. “What a fraud he is praising gay rights when he really doesn’t believe in them. You should hear him and Jerry and the whole male crew around him joke about gay people. Let’s face it, Carlo hates gay people. He doesn’t understand how or why people are gay. The women in the crowd watching the raising of the gay flag need to know this. Carlo’s hypocrisy and homophobia are incredible. It is only surpassed by his misogyny. Can you imagine him, the leader of the hetero, gay-hating clan at city hall, leading the raising of the gay flag! Yikes. I can’t,” the Blue Suit said to me.

“And let’s go just a bit further into Carlo’s psychopathology, that is, the way he thinks, which motivates him to act. I have been referring to Carlo’s missteps with women as sexual harassment. It isn’t sexual harassment. What he has allegedly done, on more than several occasions as detailed thoroughly in the Boston Globe, is more aptly called sexual assault than sexual harassment,” the Blue Suit added.

“I don’t know how women can work for Carlo. I believe they are all at risk but somehow, he gets away with this. They serve him as though he’s some kind of municipal guru, when in fact, they stay because they get paid to do his bidding. The women who refused to do Carlo’s bidding, who allege they were sexually assaulted by him, remain petrified of him. They wonder how women can work for him knowing such things have gone on. I mean, after all, Steve Wynn’s alleged sexual assaults led to him resigning from the company he founded. He couldn’t have his name on the casino called Encore. Carlo loves Steve. He’s said he’ll always be there for him. What kind of talk is this from the leader of a city with half the population women? Bill Cosby was convicted of sexual assault. He can’t work in Hollywood. He’s in jail. He was often referred to in the media as America’s favorite Dad. Can you imagine?

Carlo isn’t America’s favorite Dad. Carlo refers to himself as being unbeatable. Those around him who know of Carlo’s mistakes nearly all accept his alleged sexual assaults – these apparently included women working for him in his private business in Revere and at city hall inside his office. Can you imagine? I can’t,” the Blue Suit said emphatically.

“The worst of all this about Carlo is that I understand he or relatives of insurance companies paid several women to buy their silence after allegedly sexually assaulting them. Do you get that, Josh? That’s who this guy is, the mayor forever. That’s who raised the gay pride flag Tuesday with women applauding him. That’s who is running for mayor again. God that gave me the creeps,” the Blue Suit added.

I was amazed.

“You’re all wound up. What’s got you so wound up?” I asked.

“How can the women of Everett vote for this woman-hater, gay hater, Black hater, and minority hater? How can this be?” the Blue Suit wondered aloud.

“These people on the council who do his bidding, don’t they know about sexual assault, about women’s rights to work without being attacked by their employer? Don’t they have mothers, sisters, daughters, grandchildren, and nieces? How about the people who vote for him? Do they want their wives and sisters to support such a man? They support him and they throw every woman under the bus. Many councilors empower the mayor by supporting him like he’s a real good guy, a real classy guy. When they support him, they throw the city’s women under the bus.”

The Blue Suit lit a Marlboro. We stood in front of Messenger Insurance watching the gay flag raising from across Broadway. We went unnoticed.

“Do you think Fred Capone’s record will reveal three or four or more sexual assault charges or allegations? Not in a thousand years. Do you think Fred has ever paid off a woman to keep her mouth shut? Has he ever assaulted a woman inside his law office on Broadway? Never. Do you think Gerly Adrien hates everyone but Black people – that’s the rap from Carlo and his group. That’s what they’re spreading around every day. They try to convince everyone they speak with that Adrien has nothing but enemies, that she’s made enemies because she challenges the alleged sexual assault champion sitting in the corner office at city hall and now wanting to be elected again as if he’s the city’s savior. Drives me out of my mind. And of course, Carlo refuses to speak to Gerly Adrien. That’s the kind of man he is. A real big feeling guy,” the Blue Suit said.

“What goes around comes around. Carlo will get his dose of reality. I’ve been with him a long, long time,” said the Blue Suit thoughtfully.

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