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One of the city’s most enigmatic politicians has taken out nomination papers to run for the School Committee against former School Committee Chair Attorney Thomas Abruzzese.

The entrance into the School Committee race by Michael McLaughlin represents one of the most surprising changes of venue in an election season by a local politician in many years.

McLaughlin’s decision could very likely be the death knell of Abruzzese’s School Committee career.

McLaughlin brings to the table proven widespread popularity as a councilor and he brings to the Everett political arena an unrivaled sense of competition.

His campaigning efforts are unmatched. He is a dogged campaigner.

In the School Committee milieu, he has to be considered a favorite to take Abruzzese’s seat.

Several sources familiar with the School Committee races claim Abruzzese will be resigning his seat shortly rather than to face McLaughlin.

Abruzzese is beset with difficulties with two family members who work for the School Department who have run into serious legal entanglements.

Abruzzese himself is apparently conflicted by the difficulties. Those who are close with him claim he would rather call it quits than continue into an election season where the family laundry is put out to dry in the public arena, according to our sources.

McLaughlin has shown a great deal of serendipity in recent years.

He is a difficult politician to place in a box.

He does as he pleases.

First, he was with the mayor. Then he went against the mayor. Now he is believed again to be with the mayor.

Recently McLaughlin said he was running for re-election in Ward 6. Then he announced he was not running for Ward 6 but that he would be running for an at-large council position. Now comes his announcement that he is running for the School Committee and that he will try to knock out Abruzzese from his seat.

In any event, McLaughlin is a tough candidate to beat.

His biggest loss to date came against Rep. Joe McGonagle the last time around.

Despite McLaughlin’s prowess as a campaigner, he proved to be no match for the Rep.

Also running against Abruzzese are former School Committee member Bernie D’Onofrio and former city government member, Catherine Tomassi Hicks.

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