Virus isn’t finished yet

Those who have not been vaccinated, and this includes children of school age, are now prone to catching the so-called variant COVID-19 virus.

New cases last week in the United States soared last week, and in places like Florida, the new cases multiplied like a wildfire.

The same is true here in Massachusetts.

Everett will not be spared.

The variant of COVID allows for those who have been vaccinated to catch the variant if you can imagine.

A vaccinated US Senator just reported coming down with COVID-19 again!

What does this mean for most of us not wanting to be swept away by the virus in any form?

It means we probably need to be wearing masks for the meantime, or until such time as nearly all Americans have been vaccinated.

The logic of defeating the virus or even coming to a true understanding of the virus is connected to the harsh reality that 600,000 Americans died from the COVID-19.

The deaths continue.

New cases accelerate.

The variant is beginning to have an impact.

The crisis is not completely over.

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