Mayor Runs Campaign $$$$$$ Machine

Fund Raising Efforts a Money Juggernaut

By Josh Resnek

The mayor has raised and largely spent $1,371,840.66 in campaign contributions since January 28, 2002.

Although final expenditure figures are not yet reported, it appears the mayor spent approximately $340,000 or more on the recent campaign against Fred Capone.

Records on file show that the mayor has about $85,000 on hand following the election effort Capone, by comparison, has reported or will be reporting about $50,000 in expenditures.

Over the years, the contributions to the mayor have risen.

Larger contributions from out of towners, developers, real estate people, architects, trash removal companies, lawyers and a wide variety of others have come to be plentiful, according to records on file with the state’s Office of Campaign and Finance.

Uniquely, the records reveal the mayor’s money raising efforts are an ongoing operation, with many thousands of dollars of contributions raised year round.

Although the mayor did not have a candidate in the past four years, he raised enormous sums of money during that time frame.

During 2021 to date, the mayor has accepted $1,000 contributions from 137 individuals – a total of $137,000 since 5/10/21.

During 2021 to date, the mayor has accepted $500 contributions from 145 contributors.

The trajectory of DeMaria’s receipts track almost perfectly the period of time spent during the casino and hotel effort to bring gaming here and the subsequent explosion of private development in Everett.

DeMaria never raised more money during a period than he did during this past election cycle.

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