Messinger Insurance at 100

We wish to congratulate the LaRovere Family for the great shepherding of the Messinger Insurance Company.

Celebrating 100 years in business is big medicine as we tend to look at things that are all Everett.

And Messinger Insurance is as all Everett as it gets.

The LaRovere’s know how to manage an insurance company. They understand the needs of their clients.

They meet their needs everyday with honor, honesty and concern.

This is why, after 100 years, the Broadway landmark insurance company bearing the Messinger name remains relevant.

The insurance industry has undergone dramatic changes during the past 100 years.

The LaRovere’s and the Messinger Agency are in the forefront of those changes.

Their clients can be certain the right thing is done every time.

We again offer our congratulations to the LaRovere’s and to the memory of the Messinger Family on the celebration of a century of service.

Here’s to another 100 years!

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