The Patriots

The Pats lost their second in a row after winning 7 in a row.

The loss to the Buffalo Bills at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro on Sunday was especially depressing for this single reason – the Pats aren’t yet there to take on a Super Bowl grade team.

The Bills, we do not believe, are Super Bowl material.

If the Pat’s can’t beat the Bills at home in a game that was never to be theirs, well, what is there to say about the Pat’s viability during the runup to the championship playoffs and the Super Bowl.

Mac Jones, who we pumped up in last week’s editorial showed signs of some first year blues Sunday. Interceptions, not much accuracy on long tosses, and not many long tosses in a game that required them.

The running game and short passing stuff by themselves did not work.

For the second time in two weeks, the Pat’s didn’t come to win. They came to play.

The opponents came to win.

Oh well.

Let’s see what pans out.

It has already been a good year.

Whatever else that comes of it is all the better in the growing belief it will take another year to come full bloom into a Super Bowl contender.

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