Stabbed Again In The Back 

By Stephen Pinto 

The majority of the city council backstabbed Everett taxpayers again last Thursday. In the end they rewarded the mayor and approved longevity, ignoring the fact that the mayor already illegally took $180,000 of taxpayer money.

They should first have asked themselves one question. What would happen if a city employee did what the mayor did? That city employee would be terminated and would possibly be facing a judge for stealing taxpayer money. The employee would probably be court ordered to pay the money back. The employee certainly would not be rewarded. What if one of Mr. Lattanzi’s hardware store employees took money that he was not entitled to, it’s called stealing.

Would that employee be terminated or rewarded by Lattanzi? 

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DiPierrro Snubbed Me With A Wave of His Hand and A Smirk 

My name is Donna Steriti. I have lived in Everett for approximately 35 years. I volunteered on the Capone mayoral campaign because I think Fred is one of the most decent politicians I have ever met and I am disturbed by the way this administration acts and has been running this city for some time now. 

I have to admit that like many other people, I was woefully unaware of a lot of things that were going on but your paper and my involvement with the campaign proved to be very enlightening on many matters. 

As a result, I have been attending many of the city council meetings, specifically when the mayor’s longevity pay is on the agenda. I was in attendance on Thursday and was disgusted by the vote to give the mayor $2500/yr. especially since they had voted the previous week to limit it to $1700/ line with other city department heads. Quite honestly, I don’t believe he should get a single penny. He is EXTREMELY well compensated without any bonus. 

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Everything Will Not Be The Same With New Land Owners at Encore 

 By Josh Resnek 

John Chesto, one of the chief business writer’s at the Boston Globe said everything would be the same. “No one will notice any difference,” when the Everett land and buildings are sold to the California real estate company buying them from Wynn Resorts. 

I beg to differ. 

Nothing will be the same. 

That’s my take on the transaction. 

On the other hand, does it matter who owns the land? 

It sure mattered when the FBI, the State Police and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission investigators chased the FBT landowners because of alleged ties to the underworld, and for backdating of real estate documents to obscure hidden ownership of the land. 

The ownership of the land meant everything. 

Pursuing the true owners led to indictments and a trial and not guilty verdicts. 

In one ongoing case, the government has not yet let go of Gary DiCicco, one of the original land owners who has been incarcerated, indicted twice (found not-guilty once) and is still being chased and badgered by the FBI and US Attorney’s office after almost dying from a massive heart attack six months ago. 

The land was going for $75 million. 

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The Council Needs A Parliamentarian 

It is quite apparent that parliamentary procedure is not a specialty among most of the members of the present city council. 

Several recent gaffes by the council president and by the Clerk Michael Mangan, have revealed the mayor’s powerful influence over the meanderings on the council concerning his longevity payment. 

When Attorney Fred Capone was a councilor, he kept the council in check because no one understood parliamentary procedure better than him. 

Without Capone, the council is like a ship without a rudder when it comes to parliamentary procedure. 

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