Many Speakers Demand DiPierro’s Resignation Marchese: “He’s Got To Go”

By Josh Resnek

Councilor Mike Marchese has become the first city councilor to demand that Councilor Anthony DiPierro resign.

“He should resign. He should resign right now. He should resign to save himself and to relieve the suffering he’s caused to so many others,” Marchese told the Leader Herald Tuesday morning.

“I ask for his resignation because I have spoken with so many of our minority residents who are begging for some action to be taken. The council’s silence is deafening. We owe it to all out residents to speak out about a wrong. Racism is wrong. DiPierro’s racism is especially discouraging.”

The city council has remained silent about DiPierro’s racist, anti-Black and Brown memes and Internet messages despite an outcry from the minority community.

“He’s got to go. Someone has to show some leadership on this city council. The city council’s silence is an embarrassment to the city,” Marchese added.

Fifteen residents and businesspeople signed in to the public speaking portion of the council meeting Monday night demanding DiPierro’s resignation.

DiPierro, however, revealed no intention to resign.

DiPierro was released from his job with Sabatino Insurance without pay until such time as the city’s investigation is completed.

That investigation is apparently underway but no one in a position of responsibility would detail to the Leader Herald what and who are being investigated by whom.

As speakers demanded his resignation spoke one after the other, in a succession that lasted about 45 minutes, DiPierro looked to be taking notes at his seat at the council table.

He never looked up at those asking for his resignation.

Before a large crowd of observers in the Everett High School library, speaker after speaker decried DiPierro’s anti-Black racist memes and Internet messaging revealed in the Leader Herald and the Boston Globe, and broadcast on television stations throughout the region.

That was two weeks ago.

During that time, the city council has remained largely quiet, or has acted like “statues” as one speaker described them.

The council has shown no appetite to discipline one of its own.

Speaker after speaker Monday night received ovations from the crowd after registering their feelings had been hurt and that the ugly long arm of racism in Everett must be brought under control and eliminated.

Students from Everett High School, Black residents and many Haitian residents attended the meeting.

A large number of white people spoke as well.

The themes of all the speeches were the same.

“DiPierro must resign.”

Janice Lark, a Black resident, delivered an impassioned speech describing the anger she has been feeling.

John Puopulo repeated the theme of disappointment and the hope DiPierro would do the right thing “and resign.”

Maria Bussle, the administrative assistant to the Everett Fire Chief, said she had to speak out – and detailed how previous instances of racism were handled by the mayor and that DiPierro was receiving special treatment from his cousin.

She asked that she face no retaliation from city officials because she chose to speak out.

School Committeewoman Samantha Lambert delivered stirring remarks, continuing her role as a leader of the School Committee.

Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani was noted in the crowd in the EHS library.

One speaker demanded that DiPierro resign immediately and to do it to save himself.

“If you don’t resign, the people will chase you and badger you until you do,” that speaker told the Leader Herald.

Another speaker suggested a recall of DiPierro.

“All you need for a recall is to gather 250 signatures,” he said.

A group of Black Everett High School students attended the meeting.

Their spokesperson asked DiPierro to resign.

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