— Eye on Everett —


Have you ever heard the mayor use the N-word?


– Josh Resnek speaking to the mayor’s Blue Suit


Now the NAACP has asked, actually, has demanded that Anthony DiPierro resign immediately. The NAACP statement was pretty strong and right to the point. It minced no words.

“Councilor Anthony DiPierro should resign immediately.”

What was Jerry Navarra’s reaction.

The Blue Suit told me it was classic Jerry.

“I heard him and the mayor talking on their cell phones,” the Blue Suit recalled to me.

“What did they have to say?” I asked.

“Jerry thought the NAACP was a television station like MSNBC,” he said to Carlo, the Blue Suit told me.

“That’s nice,” I replied.

“What else?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“Carlo told him the NAACP was as useless as Bishop Brown, Guerline Alcy, and Gerly Adrien together. Carlo and Jerry laughed. Then Carlo added: ‘”They are powerless compared to me. Their complaints are useless. They should all praise the Lord that I’m the mayor.’”

“Jerry thought that was real funny,” the Blue Suit told me.

“He said to Carlo: ‘”Do you love the way Bishop Brown won’t ask Anthony to resign…even after he’s used the N_igga word as many times as he did! What a thing. And the way you’ve handled Cathy Draine is classic, Carlo. Where did you learn how to create these messes and then get out of them?’” he asked Carlo, the Blue Suit told me.

“All these Blacks and Browns living here don’t get it. Only those of us white people who really care can control and manipulate city government in Everett. If you don’t register. If you don’t vote. If you’re Black or Brown or green for that matter, it doesn’t matter what Resnek writes or what the Boston Globe publishes or what runs on television from in front of city hall. Those people don’t have any power. May they never change,” Carlo said to Jerry, the Blue Suit told me.

“Geez, Carlo. You are going to be the mayor, forever, aren’t you?” Jerry replied.

“I don’t think so, Jerry. Are you an idiot? Sometimes I feel like the ceiling and the walls are closing in on me. Do you not understand how besieged I am right now. I’m not having any fun. This job isn’t fun anymore. Losing that longevity payment is a bad loss for me. But then, I never should have received it anyway,” he said to Jerry, the Blue Suit related to me.

“Are you going to get in trouble over that, Carlo,” Jerry asked him.

“It’s trouble for sure. But I’ll get out of it. I get out of everything, don’t I?” Carlo answered, according to the Blue Suit. “Would you ever think about leaving?” Jerry asked Carlo.

“Would you ever resign?” he asked him.

“Sure. Why not. Don’t tell anyone I said this. You tell anyone and I’ll fire you, Jerry. I’ll fire you as fast as I’d force Anthony to resign if his presence gets in my way,” Carlo said to Jerry, the Blue Suit told me.

“Do you have to threaten me like that, Carlo? I don’t ever want you to threaten me again. With the stuff you’ve got hanging over you, you don’t want to be bullying me, Carlo. You hear me!” Jerry asked.

“Don’t you threaten me, Jerry. I could send you to jail if I wanted.”

“I heard Jerry screaming on the phone after Carlo said that to him,” the Blue Suit told me.

“You can send me to jail! What do you think I could do, Carlo! I know everything, everything there is to know about you. So don’t go threatening to send me to jail unless you want to be sitting in the same cell as me,” Jerry said.

“Jerry,” Carlo said, “You don’t know how to talk to the law the way I do. You can’t pay bigtime attorneys the way I do. Without me, you are nothing, Jerry. If I leave Everett, you’re done. You’re done without me,” he added.

“Oh really, Carlo. If I were you, I’d think more carefully about what you’re saying. I could end your career in a nano second if it comes down to that, and you know it. I’m not afraid of you, Carlo. On the contrary, you should be afraid of me.”

The question is this: would Carlo ever call it quits if things looked to be getting too heavy for him?

Yes he would. But he’d have to be persuaded by the FBI or the US Attorney’s office.

Is that going to happen?

Anything can happen. It often does.

What is Carlo’s future?

“You know, Jerry, I could be the head of a consulting firm, may be a real estate consulting firm. I could act as a public relations expert for other city leaders facing multiple hassles as I am facing. I know how to stay out of jail. This I know, I’m real tired doing this Everett shi_show. I’m tired of all of it. Why the hell do you think I’m hiding out? It’s just no fun anymore,” he said to Jerry, the Blue Suit told me.

“OK, Carlo. I get it. Its every one of us for ourselves, isn’t it? Maybe I should give Agent Elio a call. I bet he’d be interested in what I have to say,” Jerry said to Carlo.

“Agent Elio won’t do anything unless I tell him to do it, Jerry. And don’t forget that. If you see Agent Elio coming towards you its because I sent him., Just keep your mouth shut. Enjoy every- thing while it lasts. Because you know what, Jerry? The party is basically over for all of us. It will never be any better than it was a few years ago. I don’t know what the f I’m going to do but I’ve got to do something or I’m going to lose my mind,” Carlo told Jerry.

“You lost your mind a long time ago,” Jerry replied.

“Everyone around you knows this. No one trusts you, Carlo. You hate everyone. You’re just a jealous greedy, small minded bully. All the people you pay…they can’t stand you.”

The Blue Suit told me Carlo tossed his cell against the wall. He cursed Jerry.
Then Carlo went to his dresser draw and retrieved another cell

phone and made a call. It sounded to me like a discussion about some kind of real estate deal,” the Blue Suit said to me.

It sound a bit like a story that never ends…except this…every story ends and with that, comes a new beginning – and this is where Carlo finds himself at this point in his life…between the end and the beginning of a new day to come.

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