Weekend at Encore Anyone? Let’s Do It Up at $4,000 A Night!

The two-bedroom residence.

Luxury, Extravagance and Opulence in Everett

By Josh Resnek

If you grew-up “down the Line” or in the Village, or in a two or three family home off the square, or in North Everett or by Glendale Park or on the Malden line way down on Ferry Street, well, think about that experience, and the experience offered at Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel.

The Premier Harbor View Double.

This is a dead serious piece about grandeur and opulence available in Everett, at the Encore Hotel, which, frankly, is quite unlike any other in New England.

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the mind shattering visage of a 3250 square foot two bed- room suite at the Encore Hotel.

Can you imagine spending the weekend in such a space!

I can – but I don’t believe I’ll be renting the space anytime soon.

At $4,000 a night, if I check in Friday and leave Sunday – well – that’s probably a sweet (suite) $10,000 with taxes and fees included.

There are different options.

The above room is bit more my style and more in line with my ability to pay.

At $455 a night, it is a bargain by comparison to other hotels in the area offering lesser spaces and some at higher prices.

If I had my druthers, that is to say, my choice would be the Signature Harbor View Suite if I was to pick a weekend residence at the hotel.

The Signature Harbor View Suite.

At $1120 a night, it would be quite the thing to relax overlooking the harbor in what is very likely the most finely detailed hotel room in the state.

Encore is also offering a bed and breakfast for two at $320 a night, a fantastic experience, would assume, for those concerned with their pocketbooks.

Bottom line – Encore offers a vacation lifestyle, self-contained, with restaurants and amenities not be equaled anywhere in Greater Boston.

And to think this place is located in Everett.

Well, that is the ultimate irony when you get right down to it.

Check in this weekend.

Tell the hotel clerk checking you in that the Leader Herald sent you!

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