Quick, Cheap, Delicious Steak Dinner In Less Than Ten Minutes…And SOOO Good

By Josh Resnek

I am always searching for the perfect, quick, absolutely delicious dinner. Mind you, I don’t want a large plate of food, rather, things that are delicious.

Each bite must be a treat and completely satisfy me or the dinner doesn’t work.

During a writing day when I ate scraps all morning (potato chips, and afternoon, mixed with small sweets, Hostess cinnamon squares, glasses of milk and Coca Cola, I finally settled down for dinner.

I had bought several days back a three ounce piece of Black Angus steak at Market Basket.

Truth be known, I do not eat meat anymore. Sometimes however, I cannot resist a bit of beef cooked rare and glazed with a thick sweet and sour essence.

The beef was $5.00.

I also purchased a plastic container of arugula lettuce – maybe $3.00 bucks.

I cooked the beef in an iron pan – maybe three minutes on each side leaving the center rare, and tender, and in this instance, tasty too.

I took a handful of lettuce and placed it neatly on the side of the plate. Then I cut some fresh green and red pepper pieces and tossed them on top of the small salad mound. A sprinkle of organic oregano was followed with a an extremely light mist of Ken’s Italian Steak House salad dressing.

I took the brazed beef. I placed it carefully on my plate next to the salad.

I began with a fork and smaller steak knife.

I carefully cut the first small bit – and they had to be small bits because the steak itself was less than four ounces.

The first bite.


The beef was spectacular. So so sweet. So so tender. Made so unutterably delicious by the sweet and sour glaze mixing ever so slightly with the Ken’s salad dressing.

The salad with green and red pepper and the mist of ken’s with oregano…well. What a treat.

Took about ten minutes and I was lucky to have that tiny bit of steak and lettuce which I dug out of a largely empty refrigerator.

I need to go shopping but I don’t feel like it.

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