US Attorney Rollins Vice-Chair Of National Advisory on Civil Rights

By Josh Resnek

US Attorney Rachel Rollins

United States Attorney Rachael S. Rollins for the District of Massachusetts has been selected to serve as Vice-Chair of the Civil Rights Sub-committee for the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee (AGAC), it was announced by the Justice Department last week.

This is the same Rachel Rollins now conducting an investigation into racism, discrimination and retaliation in the city of Everett.

“I am honored to have been asked to serve as Vice-Chair of the Civil Rights Subcommittee. It is my sincere hope that we seize this moment in history to facilitate meaningful dialogue and action to combat the uptick in hate- based violence. Civil rights are at the forefront of so many of the issues dividing our nation today. Under the leadership of U.S. Attorney Brown, we will provide guidance to the Department of Justice. Our goal is to fulfill the promise of equality for everyone,” said U.S. Attorney Rollins.

Rollins made her mark as the controversial Suffolk County District Attorney.

She put into effect major reforms, aimed at separating what is important from what is not, in the desire to create a more fair system for Black people as well as for white people who become entangled in the legal justice system.

United States Attorney Nick Brown for the Western District of Washington has been selected to serve as Chair of the Civil Rights Subcommittee. The Subcommittee will play an important role in advising the AGAC on civil rights matters of importance to the Department of Justice and United States Attorney’s Offices across the country.

The Attorney General’s Advisory Committee was established nearly 50 years ago by Attorney General Elliott Richardson. The Committee’s purpose is to give United States Attorneys a voice in Department policies and to advise the Attorney General of the United States.

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