Breakfast Fit For A Food Degenerate

By Josh Resnek

I have been having difficulty eating new things with new tastes, with nuanced textures and so forth.

In other words, not much has been satisfying but for a few dinners and lunches which I’ve managed to get down.

I had all but given up on breakfast, that was, until Tuesday morning.

I had bought the day before at Stop and Shop 12 thin slices of Mortadella and imported ham. I ditched buying cheese. I’m done with cheese.

I also bought a bulky roll at Stop and Shop and frankly, their bulky rolls aren’t great, but at least they are satisfyingly light rather than heavy. I hate heavy baked goods of every kind. I prefer French style treats – light, airy, fresh – which basically cannot be found in Greater Boston except at a five star restaurant and I don’t eat at five star restaurants.

Back to Tuesday breakfast.

I cut the bulky and carefully placed on it several slices of imported ham (low sodium) and mortadella (definitely not low sodium).

Now the truth be known, tasting thinly cut Mortadella after not eating a slice of it for maybe ten years was extremely satisfying.

Fantastic texture and subtle taste is what Mortadella is all about.

On top of the meats I cut three slices of ripe tomato and placed them carefully atop that, and then finished the building program with a thick slice of onion.

I put the top of the bulky roll where it should be, added some Utz potato chips and poured a cold glass of Polar Orange (my new favorite soda drink).

Then I bit into the sandwich – UNBELIEVABLE – so good, so tasty, and frankly, so light as I do not use much meat at all.

The ripe tomato mixing with the onion and the Mortadella and ham – well, for me, it doesn’t get much better or easier or cheaper than this.

This was my breakfast sandwich and it was a colossal success.

In fact, I wished it could be my lunch and probably my dinner.

But’s let’s leave it at that.

I’m not sure this was a health breakfast…but who wants health when we can be eating something that truly satisfies us every now and then?

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