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Good deals offered at McKinnon’s last week. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

How is it done?

How is it McKinnon’s can have such incredible money saving deals during this time of inflation?

Are the owners magicians? Are they geniuses? Are they fools?

Of course not.

The folks creating the prices at McKinnon’s for their products are simply not gougers. They are not into ripping off their hard working customers.They know their clientele. They make a super effort to remain profitable without gouging their customers.

What is happening now across the nation, literally everywhere for everything, is price gouging during a time of inflation.

What McKinnon’s does can be done everywhere but it isn’t.

Most corporations will charge much higher prices until their customers rebel or nearly go broke, and when business is hurt, prices will naturally come down.

At McKinnon’s, the folks who do the buying and who set the prices have a devotion to savings they wish to pass on to their customers.

Shop at McKinnon’s!

Everett Women’s Volleyball

The Everett Women’s Volleyball League is about to mark a big anniversary as well as a new season with its 51st year!


The league was founded in 1972.

President of the league is Mary Mangraviti.

Treasurer is Keri Lemasters and the Secretary is Tracy Sarceni.

The league plays its games at the LaFayette School gymnasium on Wednesday evenings beginning September 27.

Congrats on another season!

Pietrantonio for BB coach?

Ross Pietrantonio

Well known former standout Everett athlete Ross Pietrantonio is applying for the position of Everett High School basketball coach, according to Pietrantonio who spoke with the Leader Herald.

He says it would be a great honor to lead EHS in basketball, and he is looking forward to being considered.

The EHS basketball program has consistently been one of the winningest in the state for many, many years.

We wish him the best.

To be noted, Pietrantonio was a stellar athlete for the Crimson Tide in several sports.

As an adult, he has grappled with much greater responsibilities and has come to a place where he is widely respected for his interest in the city and in the city’s youth, and youth sports.

Giving back is part of his persona at this point.

He should be carefully considered by EHS public school officials for this position. He’d make a great coach.

School is back

Everett’s public schools opened for a half day Wednesday. K-9 came back to school.

Thursday this week was to be the first full day for K-12.

The first day for PreK will be September 5.

About 7,200 students in all will be attending this year although the absolute official number of the full enrollment will not be released until early October.

There will be no school on Primary day, September 19.

EPS will be crowded, again, this school year.

The crush of students remains higher than the space available.

However, teachers and administrators have worked hard and smart over the summer to bring the kids back.

The further away the schools go from the COVID experience, the better things have gotten.

So it will be this year.

The Return of COVID

Many people recently have reported incidents of COVID returning throughout the state.

If you have experienced a serious cold at the end of this summer, or if colleagues at work have come down with COVID at the same time, it pays for you to pay close attention.

Getting tested is a sure way to know whether or not you have COVID.

If you have COIVD, beware, it killed a great number of people in this nation, especially older people and those with preexisting conditions.

The pandemic was not a fake. We may have gone overboard to protect the population in the United States, but health experts felt this was necessary. Far better to go overboard than to do nothing and have it impact the population.

COVID’s ability to destroy people’s respiratory systems and to lead to early or untimely death is proven.

Whether you wish to believe this or not is your right.

Whether or not you get vaccinated is also your right, or whether or not you wear a mask or pay attention to health department edicts about how public health and well being is best maintained.

If you are right now sick and feeling miserable, get yourself tested.

It is the safe thing to do.

If you have COVID you can ignore it or you can treat it.

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