The overlay plan

It is our understanding that sitting on the mayor’s desk and
awaiting the sweep of his pen – his signature that is -is the very
much needed Overlay Plan.

This is a plan that must be signed into law here immediately.
Doing so will put to rest the kind of circus like antics about parking
now taking place at meetings all the time before boards like the
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Thank you Marjorie White

Marjorie White, the well known and highly respected President of the Everett Bank, has recently enjoyed her 50th Anniversary with the bank.

During her tenure, the bank has grown dramatically to become a local giant known for its humanity and interest in its depositors and their needs.

This is why the bank is always crowded with customers which gives testament to how vast the banks’ resources have become as it nears the $1 billion mark in assets.

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The rise of Mike McLaughlin

We wish to mark with an exclamation point how noticeable to us is the passion and the oratory of Councilor Michael McLaughlin.

It is both unusual and exciting to watch McLaughlin in action before the city council.

He is always prepared. He is always thoughtful. He is always polite and well informed.

All of the above marks his rise as a leader here and shows his potential as something that might blossom in a rather grand way.

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The Gaming Commission’s inability to do the right thing hurts everyone

Let’s face it, if you are a moral type and think for a moment that the Gaming Commission is going to do its job and to follow its rules and to uphold the mandate it has been given you are going to be disappointed.

Chairman Steven Crosby is a failure in life, and he is a failure as the head of the Gaming Commission. His involvement with the casino land fiasco should have caused anyone with a sense of morality to resign – but he didn’t and he won’t.

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