Stop the grandstanding; Sign and pay $35 million

If Wynn Resorts wants to go a long way in rehabilitating itself then it must sign the Massachusetts Gaming Commission judgment, agree to all of it, and send the $35 million to the state.

Claiming their lawyers must carefully scrutinize every word of it before signing, or that they might not sign it is rubbish.

This should have already been done.

The money should already have been transferred into the Massachusetts Treasury.

Instead, Wynn Resorts does not want to seem too hasty before agreeing and sending in the money to gain their suitability to be acceptable to hold a license.

The MGC is allowing Wynn Resorts to buy its license with a $35 million payment.

Pay the money and everything is forgotten.

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Will the sun ever shine again; when can we turn off the heat?

The New England spring this year is not disappointing any of us who have lived through a great many of them during our lives.

Young and old alike, even those who tend to say whatever the weather is doesn’t bother them, are hard pressed this week to just shuffle off the deplorably bad spring weather we have been experiencing.

During the past 14 days we estimate it has been rainy and or cloudy or both, substantially, for all of that two weeks.

Not only has it been wet, it has been at times, extremely windy and colder than normal.

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Cardinal O’Malley must support Pope John XXIII during time of need

The entrance to Pope John XXIII High School on Broadway, Everett. 

Pope John XXIII High School deserves the aid of the Boston Archdiocese in order to remain open.

It deserves to come back from a death sentence that was placed upon it, and then removed, by the Archdiocese.

Cardinal O’Malley needs to reach out to the hundreds of alumni, present students, teachers and to the administration of the Catholic school who are now involved in a life or death struggle to keep the school open.

If the Boston Archdiocese and Cardinal O’Malley can spend $25 million to rehab Holy Cross Cathedral, then certainly $1 million can be found to keep Pope John XXIII High School open.

This is not just another Catholic school that has lost its reason to exist.

The outpouring of energy and emotion from everyone involved with the school leaves us with the strong sense that Pope John XXIII has a chance to sustain the reprieve given it by the Archdiocese – but this won’t happen without the direct intervention of the Cardinal.

Pope John XXIII isn’t financially unsound at this point because of its own financial ineptitude. In fact, the school was cruising along nicely… until a vendor the school did business with went bankrupt and stopped paying the school what he owed it to the tune of $600,000.

That vendor, who should be in jail, cannot be allowed to sink the school.

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Library coming under Rule of mayor’s office

Through a combination of legal, economic and political reasoning the city’s library system, and its employees will shortly be controlledand entirely funded by the mayor’s office and will be subject to theyear to year budget discretion necessary to keep the doors open for all the Library’s many thousands of users.

The mayor’s legal department has already assured members of the Library’s Board of Trustees that everything about the city’s two public libraries will remain the same – that is – the hours of operation, thefunding, and the staffing.

In addition, the library system’s staffing requirements will nowfall under the domain of the Human Resources Department, and themayor’s office.

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Stop and Shop strike proves Power of union even today

A union employee shields his face during a recent protest by Stop & Shop employees. (Photo by Lorenzo Recupero)

Union membership isn’t what it used to be years ago when our nation was a far different place than it is today.

In recent decades, union membership has fallen, although in Massachusetts, union membership remains higher than in most other parts of the nation.

The settling of the Stop and Shop strike, which lasted two weeks, is the surest sign that union membership still means something when push comes to shove and everyone in the union is willing to sacrifice their pay to get what they want and need out of a contract.

The past two weeks has been a public relations and business disaster for Stop and Shop.

When the strike was settled over the weekend following lengthy deliberations, it was a victory for both sides.

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