The 25 MPH speed limit

The city council has suggested that the city consider lowering the speed limit to 25 MPH.

Our belief is that such a speed limit would be a welcome relief to speeding automobiles that makes getting around this city so dangerous for drivers and for those crossing streets.

There is one caveat, however, to lowering the speed limit with an order.

What is the problem?

The only way to have the driving population lower its tendency to speed up and down our crowded streets and highways is by Draconian enforcement such as the city’s drivers have never experienced.

Not many will pay any attention to it.

This is to say; the police department would have to ticket

hundreds of speeding drivers every day to achieve a change in the city speed limit.

Such an effort is doomed.

There are not enough police to go around to stop speeding throughout the city.

To be quite frank, no amount of police would be enough to put a cap on speeding throughout the city.

What might work are electronically controlled systems trapping speeders, photographing their cars, recording their license plates and ticketing them without the police having to be involved.

If several thousand drivers received costly tickets, the message would go out.

Short of this, the notion of a 25 MPH speed limit in this city is an impossibility.

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