Matewsky takes first steps to recovery, says he’s on his feet after heart attack


Councilor at Large Wayne Matewsky has gone from a heart attack to a coma, to open-heart surgery, during the past three weeks.

He is now recovering at the Holy Cross Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Over the weekend, he got out of his hospital bed and took his first steps toward recovery.

“I am deeply grateful for the expressions of interest in my well-being following my illness that have come from so many people in Everett. When you are knocked down as I was, the good wishes and prayers mean more than you can imagine. Thank you to you all,” Matewsky told the Leader Herald.

Matewsky has been visited by a number of Everett people during the weeks of his hospitalization.

Steve Smith and Nick Saia have repeatedly visited with Matewsky, as has Mike Mangan.

Councilors Mike Marchese and Anthony DiPierro are heading to Florida this week to visit with Matewsky.

Like all heart operation patients, Matewsky faces several months of rehab to get back to where he was before he was struck down by a heart attack.

The open-heart surgery to repair his heart is yet another element to consider when determining recovery.

Those of us who have had open-heart surgery have told Matewsky he can plan to lose weight without trying, to go from a few steps to walking up and down flights of stairs, to finally being discharged from the hospital when his oxygenation levels have returned to normal. For about six months, Matewsky can expect to struggle to regain his strength. When that time has passed, he will be stronger than when he suffered the heart attack.

Doctors say he must watch his weight, eat a proper diet, and give up smoking cigarettes.

A bit of wine now and then is allowed.

“Tell all my friends in Everett that I love them. I can’t wait to get home,” Matewsky said.

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