Et Fini

This weekend marks the end of the state’s emergency measures connected with the pandemic for the past year of our lives.

We have followed the science here at the Leader Herald since the first reports of the outbreak. We have never regretted following the science and abiding by the restrictions that were heaped upon us.

We didn’t believe wearing a facemask was an intrusion on our rights as Americans.

We wore facemasks to stop the spread of the virus. We washed our hands. We socially distanced. We sacrificed vacations and holidays, personal moments with our families and friends.

Again, we followed the science.

This is what it is to be from Massachusetts.

We can all be proud we come from this state.

We beat the virus. We did it with resolve and we believed in science.

Despite so many claiming the virus was a fraud and that everything associated with it was also a fraud, the virus was real, and for long while, extremely deadly.

What is deadly is so many Americans not believing in science.

The 600,000 Americans who died of the virus could attest to that, but they aren’t coming back.

We have learned a valuable lesson about science and about those who shrug science off.

It came at a heavy price.

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