Everyone should be fired

Our colossal failure in Afghanistan makes us laughing stocks to the world.

The world’s greatest power defeated by gun-toting, woman-hating, sandal-wearing violent Islamic ignoramus’ is a pathetic happening for us as a nation.

We should be ashamed we spent so much time there – and for what?

To create a western-style democracy out of a medieval cesspool in a place where the Taliban cut off hands and arms, feet, and heads to remind everyone just who is in charge.

The real crime is that we were led down this path by “experts.”

Our generals were crap. Our national security and intelligence experts were crap. Everything we did was crap, and we should have known this before spending $1 trillion in that primitive state.

Watching the chaos at the Kabul Airport, listening to our “experts” tell us we’re doing a great job evacuating people, is almost too much to bear.

Everyone having anything to do with this fiasco should be fired from their jobs.

If any of us who have to work for a living were as incompetent as the generals and the security apparatus supposedly protecting us, we’d not only be fired but we’d be indicted, tried, and convicted of crimes against the USA.

Instead, the parade of public officials telling us everything is OK goes on and on, like a dystopian movie where everyone ultimately is bitten by a zombie and doomed to eternal life without death.

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