COVID jumping dangerously

AUGUST 23: Nancy Pernia has a COVID-19 test administered by Marco Sanabria of Cataldo Ambulance at Rivergreen Park. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

City holds its breath as new cases mount


Testing and vaccinations continue in Everett while at the same time new cases of the COVID and the more deadly variant are popping up in increasing numbers.

Everett city government has not proposed plans to deal with this new onslaught of the virus that wreaked havoc all last year causing thousands to get sick and hundreds to die.

At the state level, the governor and state health officials remain confident that a return to yesterday will not be occurring here.

However, the resurgence of the virus and the variant are now running amok, especially in those states where much of the population believes the virus, the sickness it causes, and deaths are a government plot.

The largest number of new cases everywhere is coming from the parts of the population that have refused to be vaccinated.

Refusing vaccination for those with pre-existing medical conditions and now for school-age youth, can be a death sentence.

Many supporters of former President Donald Trump believe masks are useless and that the vaccines are loaded with mind-controlling or lethal ingredients.

The facemasks controversy has been the cause for the widespread of the virus.

AUGUST 28: Masks are a staple in the Grace Food Pantry line on Saturday’s as local residents wait to participate in the service. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Millions are refusing to wear masks or to be vaccinated as though refusing to be vaccinated or wearing a mask is an exercise in their First Amendment rights to free expression.

The refusal to be vaccinated, nearly all epidemiologists agree, is inextricably tied to the wild spread of the virus in places where Republicans believe it is more important to take a stand against being vaccinated than it is to be vaccinated.

The spread of the Delta virus variant among school-age children across the nation has been cause for serious reassessment for many parents refusing to have their children vaccinated.

Massachusetts is now requiring public school children and their teachers to be masked until October as an added precaution against a serious outbreak taking place here.

In the meantime, with the summer at an end, and outdoor life coming to a close here within 60 days, social distancing and masks remain the first line of defense against the virus and the variant.

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