Am I In Everett? Yes I am! Incredible Really When You Give It A Thought

Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel A Psychedelic Trip

By Josh Resnek

Last Thursday I drove my Lexus to Joe Caruso’s Car Repair Shop down the Lynde, and dropped it off.

Leaving the casino after losing $100 on slot machines.

Then I took an unvarnished Everett walk to the casino.

I carried $200 in my front pocket.

I was ready to gamble $100 of the $200.

I felt very positive walking to the casino.

It is a walk between two worlds. The old remaining Everett world of two and three family homes and businesses here and there mixes indelicately with the larger parking lots and with the assemblage of properties put together by Wynn Resorts.

The assemblage is a post modern pastiche of outdated housing surrounded by car repair shops, several welding facilities, the sprawling LNG facility, the great brick electrical plant using oil to produce electricity, its giant brick chimneys reaching for the sky, and a mind boggling numbing parade of 18 wheel trucks rambling on the roads making the noise of Army tanks at full throttle as they sped by me.

It is an invigorating walk that sets the mind wandering.

I was very happy to get inside the casino.

Frankly, nearly the whole way there I was thinking about exactly how much money I could win using my $100 stake.

Five thousand would be nice. Here thousand would do. Two-thousand – what a score that would be and on and on is how my thinking went.

Truth be known, I don’t play table games. I am made to feel uncomfortable playing table games.

I will every now and then when at the casino, plop down whatever I have at the roulette table and bet on black.

Friends of my son Joseph Resnek like to put down $1,000 on black when they arrive inside the gaming room.

If it comes up black, everyone is made over the top happy and my son’s buddies have doubled their money in an instant.

When I got inside the casino I walked past the roulette table. After all, it was 8:30 a.m. I wasn’t about to bet on black and have it come up red and be wiped out on my first bet. I scoped out the slot machines. Slot machines are more my mentality. They take no gambling skill whatsoever. I would prove this in a matter of an hour.

I slipped $20 bills into the machines I played. I played a $1.00 slot and a a .25 cent slot. Not exactly big time gambling but casino gambling never the less.

I played with my cell – making calls and receiving texts. This helped to stretch out the experience on the slots.

Loved all the bells and whistles. A literal cacophony of sounds permeate the main slot room.

I changed my chair twice.

I found my slot legs at the Elvis Presley slot labelled, “Viva Las Vegas.”

I hit a $50 win when I was down to my last $20 dollars.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Do you know how many rings there are to a $50 dollar hit when you’re playing a .25 cent slot?

A lot!

I got up from my seat and said resolutely to myself – this is it. I’m leaving. I’m only $30 down and I’ve been playing the slots for longer than an hour.

My will power failed me on the way to the Dunkin Donuts inside the casino.

I blew another $20 dollars before ordering an egg and cheese sandwich.

The casino was growing busy when I went down the escalator in the mirrored grandeur of the hotel lobby’s polished stainless steel, brass and finished marble.

The place was immaculate. The employees who approached me were all friendly.

The men’s room was arguably the grandest, cleanest men’s room I have used.

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