City and owner at odds about foundation

The foundation remaining at 123-125 Woodlawn Street. (Josh Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

A two family home on Woodlawn Street damaged in a fire has become the object of a long running battle with the city and the owner of the property.

The two-family home was damaged as a result of a fire on the third floor September 19, 2022. The roof was damaged. The third floor was ruined. Water poured into the fire went everywhere inside the home.

Bernard Schram, the owner of the property, had it secured.

The Vermont Mutual Insurance Company gave Schram $90,000 to take down the structure to the foundation, and to secure it, until such time as the city allowed Schram to rebuild the property on that footprint.

On September 22, 2022, according to a complaint with the Middlesex Superior Court against the City of Everett, Everett City Building Inspector David Palumbo informed Schram claiming the proerty was dangerous and unsafe.

Palumbo ordered that the building and the foundation be demolished.

Mr. Schram and the Vermont insurance company insuring him claimed that a structural engineer inspected the property and claiming the foundation was not unsound.

Schram wants to get going with construction.

The city ordered him to demolish the foundation.

Mr. Schram sued the city.

He is seeking a jury trial on whether the remaining part of the property is “dangerous and unsafe” claim by Palumbo.

And for now, that’s where the trail ends on the public records inside the Middlesex Registry of Deeds.

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