Ward 6 School Committee race not a done deal

Leader Herald Staff

Joseph D’Onofrio, Daniel Skerritt, Thomas Abruzzesse and Pattiann Scalesse represent four very well know people in their ward.

Abruzzessee is best know for his support of Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani when he was the chair of the school committee.

That support for the embattled Talhiani in this primary is a significant plus for Abruzzessee.

Her popularity could power him back into the seat he formerly lost.

Daniel Skerritt has almost won a seat with several attempts in the recent past.

He is also a strong contender. He is very well known and highly respected.

Where exactly he stands with Tahilinai is another matter of speculation.

D’Onofrio is from a very well known family.

Perhaps there will be a transfer from father to son in this race.

And Scalesse is also very well known in the ward where she has resided for quite sometime.

If Tahiliani’s popularity rules in this ward race, then Abruzzesse has a real chance of stepping back into school committee politics.

If not, Skerritt could benefit.

All four have a fighting chance. This is a difficult contest to handicap.

We’ll let you know on September 6!

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