Heading off a disaster at the pass

We have been informed by those who claim to know that the mayor will apparently be using a proxy to ask the city council to prepare groundwork for an appeal to the people of Everett to change the City Charter to allow the mayor to be the Chairman of the School-Committee.

Presently, the mayor sits as an ex officio member of the School Committee. His powers are limited compared to those of the superintendent.

Recent history proves that the mayor drove out of office a former superintendent. The mayor delighted in the effort.

The mayor seeks job appointing influence over the 1,000 school department employees.

There are several problems with the mayor’s thinking. One is that it is folly to assume that he might actually spend three hours inside the Everett High School Library at each and every School Committee hearing. He skips most meetings as an ex officio member.

Another problem with the mayor wanting to have himself installed as the Chairman of the School Committee is that he is not qualified to rule over the lives of this city’s school children and their teachers and administrators.


Because the mayor has a checkered personal past with regard to his alleged treatment – or mistreatment – of women that should be enough to invalidate him as being a proper choice to head not just the Everett School Committee, but any school committee.

The public allegations made by more than several women against the mayor, all of them reported with unsurpassable detail in the Boston Globe, surpass by a wide and disturbing margin those made against a former superintendent.

The mayor is a very lucky man to be serving as mayor. Others have been forced to resign from higher positions for far less alleged against them.

The criminal act in this scenario would be for the city council to propose such a change as the mayor is apparently suggesting.

Watch for which city councilor rises to do the mayor’s bidding on this piece of legislative work if this comes to pass.

Whomever comes forward, will be doing the dirty deed Sal Tessio did at the funeral for Michael Corleone’s father in the great movie, The Godfather.

That person will show themselves to be a Judas to the people of the city and to their colleagues on the city council.

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