Photographs of Mars

Many of us have stared with wonder at the photographs from Mars being sent to us from the probe hat recently landed there.

Think about it – landing a rover on Mars and then receiving brilliant photographs of that planet showing it in all its grandeur.

Think again about traveling millions upon millions of miles over six months to get to Mars…only to find when you get there, piles of rocks, ash, craters, and mountains. No life flourishes on Mars.

In fact, we could travel to the closest star system and planetary system to Earth’s solar system; a place called Alpha Centauri.

It is 4.37 light-years away – ions of time and miles from Mars – making Mars a next-door neighbor of ours by comparison.

What would we find on Alpha Centauri?

Rocks. More rocks. Piles of rocks. Black space and emptiness devoid of life.

Earth remains the only game in our lives for now. Colonizing Mars is a nice thought.

What would be gained from it?

Not much, except for a foothold on outer space, the next frontier.

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